Central & Stair 5

Central Staircase 5. DRS. Level 14

Central Staircase 5. DRS. Level 13

Central Staircase 5. DRS. Level 12

Central Staircase 5. DRS. Level 11

Central Roof COM Level 15

Central COM Level 14

Central COM Level 13

Central COM Level 12

Central COM Level 11

Central COM Level 10

Central DRS Level 9

Central FT Level 9

Central DRS Level 8

Central FT Level 8

Central DRS Level 7

Central FT Level 7

Central DRS Level 6

Central FT Level 6

Central DRS Level 5

Central FT Level 5

Central DRS Level 4

Central FT Level 4

Central DRS Level 3

Central FT Level 3

Central DRS Level 2

Central FT Level 2

Central DRS Level 1

Central FT Level 1

Central DRS Level GM

Central FT Level GM

Central COM UB

Central COM LB

West Stair

West COM Level 10

West COM Level 9

West COM Level 8

West COM Level 7

West COM Level 6

West COM Level 5

West COM Level 4

West COM Level 3

West COM Level 2

West COM Level 1



East Stair

EAST COM Level 8

EAST COM Level 7

EAST COM Level 6

EAST COM Level 5

EAST COM Level 4

EAST COM Level 3

EAST COM Level 2

EAST COM Level 1


Stair 4 & lift lobby

LEVEL. 7 Staircase 4 - FT

LEVEL. 6 Lift Lobby -COM

LEVEL. 5 Lift Lobby -COM

LEVEL. 4 Lift Lobby -COM

LEVEL. 3 Lift Lobby -COM

LEVEL. 2 Lift Lobby -COM

LEVEL. 1 Lift Lobby -COM

Upper Basement Staircase 4 - COM

Lower Basement Staircase 4 - COM

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