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Fire Protection System

Fire Pump Room

  • All Fire Pumps are kept in Auto Mode

  • Fire Pumps Inspection is followed regularly and recorded in checklist

  • All suction & delivery line control valves are kept in open condition and provided with controlled locking mechanism <br>(exc. Test Line valve)

  • Pressure in Delivery line is at 7 kg/cm2

  • Guards are provided for all rotating parts

  • Battery used for Diesel pump is in working condition

  • Diesel level indicator available in day tank and is in working condition

  • Adequate Lighting provided (Min 100 Lux)

  • No water leakages noticed in fire pump room

Portable Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire Extinguishers available at their home location & marked with Red tape or paint

  • Signboards & home location stickers available for each Fire Extinguisher

  • Tag available with Fire Extinguisher indicating Service due date & Refilling due date not expired

  • Pressure is indicated in Green zone on the Pressure Guage if available

  • Clear access maintained in front of fire extinguishers

  • No physical damages to the fire extinguishers & its parts

  • Safety pins are available for each fire extinguisher

Fire Hydrant & Hose box

  • Fire fighting hoses are available inside all Fire hoseboxes

  • Emergency key & Hammer available to open the hydrant hose box door

  • Clear access maintained in front of fire hydrant hose boxes

  • No leakages found from the landing valve

  • No physical damages noticed to the fire hydrant hose boxes

  • All Isolating valves in Hydrant main line are in OPEN position and locked

  • Hose Reel drum rotates freely on its spindle and swings through 180 degree easily

  • Weekly Inspection is followed regularly and recorded in checklist

Fire Sprinkler System

  • Whether sprinkler main control valves are kept open and locked with chains?

  • Sprinkler line is free from leaks

  • Clear space of 0.5 m maintained below the sprinkler heads

Fire Alarm System

  • Fire Alarm Panel indicates normal operation and no fault warning (in LEDs)

  • Fire Alarm System inspection is followed regularly and recorded in checklist

  • All fire alarm hooters are kept in live condition

  • Smoke detectors are not covered with safety caps & clerance of 0.5 m is maintained around the detectors

  • PA system is in working condition

PPE & Chemical Management

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Display boards of applicable PPEs are available in all the areas

  • Adequate PPEs are available at all work areas

  • Employees are aware of the purpose of PPE and its maintenance

  • All employees use applicable PPE appropriately

  • Damaged/defective PPEs are not being used by employees

  • Used/damaged PPEs are disposed in respective waste bins

  • Contractors including IFM team are using applicable PPE

Chemical Management

  • Updated MSDS available for all hazardous chemicals at respective areas

  • Chemcials containers are properly labeled with chemical name & basic hazard warnings

  • Secondary Containment available at all chemical storage areas

  • Fume Extraction system in chemical handling area is in working condition(if available)

  • Spill control kits are available at areas where hazardous chemicals are handled

  • Piping containing chemicals/hazards (Eg: steam, LPG) labeled at appropriate intervals

Waste Management & STP

Waste Management

  • All categories of waste are properly segregated and stored in waste bins

  • Waste bins/containers available at their home location

  • Waste bins are following SPS Colour coding and properly labeled.

  • Waste from bins are removed periodically and not overflowing.

  • Liquid waste containers are provided with secondary containment

  • Warning signs posted at all areas containing flammable waste

  • Hazardous wastes are not stored in Scrap Yard for more than 90days

  • Housekeeping is ensured in Scrap Yard

  • Updated MSDS available for all chemicals stored in Scrap Yard

  • Categorywise quantity of waste is displayed in scrap yard

  • Personnel handling waste use proper PPE

Sewage Treatment Plant

  • All Pumps and Air blowers are in proper working condition

  • All pumps/equipments are having ELCB/RCCB protection

  • MSDS of chemicals used available at STP Area

  • Chemicals are stored in labelled containers & provided with secondary containment

  • STP Log book maintained and updated with information daily

  • MLSS level in Aeration tank is monitored & recorded in STP Log book

  • Details of backwash given to Pressure sand filter & Activated carbon filter are mentioned in STP log book

  • Details of Air blower operation are mentioned in STP log book

  • All tanks & equipments are indicated clearly with permanent labels

  • No water leakages or chemical leakages noticed in STP Area

  • Final Treated water appears to be clear and devoid of smell

  • Latest treated water analysis reports are available for review

Machine Safety

  • Equipments are operated only with all safeguards in place

  • Safeguards prevent access to any hazard zone on the front, back, sides, top and bottom of the machine

  • Rotating shafts located less than 3 meters from the floor are fully enclosed

  • Two hand controls with an anti-repeat circuit are functional

  • Body parts of operators are not in danger zone during machine operation

  • Safety Interlocks are checked and recorded in Daily checklist

  • Compressed air gun is not being used to blow dust off clothing or skin

  • Anti-Fatigue mats are available at all workstations(except. Testing stations)

  • Machines are operated only by trained & authorized employees

  • Machine specific documents (ORA/WI/LOTO placard/Machine Safety Certificate/RACI Chart) are displayed in all powered machines (Digital/Hard copy)

Electrical Safety

  • Safety signs are available for warning against electrical hazards

  • Circuit protection devices are installed on all sections of electrical distribution system

  • Identification labels provided for all electrical equipment (inc panels/DBs)

  • Insulating Mats (IS:15652-2006 Approved) are provided for all electrical panels

  • List of authorized persons has been displayed at Electrical work areas

  • LOTO procedure followed before starting electrical maintenance activity

  • Tools, equipment and PPE are maintained in safe/reliable condition & inspected before use

  • Arc rated PPEs are used inside Arc flash boundary

  • Portable ladders used within the limited approach boundary are of non-conductive type

  • Portable equipment are equipped with 3 pin plug having dedicated earth conductor

  • Extension cords used are three-wired with all conductors and connectors intact

  • Extension cords and power tools are protected by RCCB

  • Electrical panels are kept in locked condition

Warehouse & Material Handling

  • PITs are operated only by Authorised operators

  • SWL, Inspection details and Authorised operator list displayed in all PITs

  • Daily inspection is followed regularly and recorded in checklist

  • Helmets are worn by all employees within the warehouse areas

  • All PITs are equipped with blue lights mounted in the direction of travel

  • PIT operators maintain 1 meter (3’) space between their PIT(in motion) and personnel

  • PIT operators maintain at least 3 meter (10’) space between their PIT's and any personnel when the loaded forks are at or above the 1.5 meter (5’) level from the floor

  • PIT operator maintains a minimum distance equal to 3 vehicle lengths between their moving PIT and any other mobile equipment

  • PIT operators slow down and sound their horn prior to crossing aisles and when their line of sight is restricted

  • Edge protection & Column guard available for warehouse racks are intact

  • Pedestrian walkways are clear & free from any obstructions

  • Materials are not stacked beyond the maximum storage level

  • Broken/damaged pallets are not used for material handling

  • Battery charging stations are maintained with terminal caps and earthing intact

  • Absence of dust accumulation and adequate ventilation ensured in battery charging stations

  • No cracks are observed in batteries

  • Adequate illumination available inside warehouse areas

  • Wheel stoppers are used for vehicles parked outside loading/unloading areas

  • Gas Cylinder are provided with labels, colour code and hazard warnings

  • Gas cylinders are provided with valve caps and secured with harness

  • Gas Cylinders are not exposed to extreme heat/cold

Occupational Health Center

  • List of Medicines with quantity & expiry date maintained

  • Medical Equipment available in OHC are in working condition

  • List of employees undergone First-aid training displayed

  • List of employees trained in the usage of AED displayed

  • Updated AED Monthly Maintenance Log available

  • Green Indicator light on AED is working & AED Electrodes not expired

  • Different waste bins available for each category and properly labelled

  • Updated Incident Register available with all incidents recorded

  • Water pressure in Emergency Eye wash station is adequate

  • First-aid boxes inspection followed regularly and recorded in checklist

  • Inspection of Ambulance carried out daily and recorded in checklist

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