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Warehouse & Material Handling

  • PITs are operated only by Authorised operators

  • SWL, Inspection details and Authorised operator list displayed in all PITs

  • Daily inspection is followed regularly and recorded in checklist

  • Helmets are worn by all employees within the warehouse areas

  • All PITs are equipped with blue lights mounted in the direction of travel

  • PIT operators maintain 1 meter (3’) space between their PIT(in motion) and personnel

  • PIT operators maintain at least 3 meter (10’) space between their PIT's and any personnel when the loaded forks are at or above the 1.5 meter (5’) level from the floor

  • PIT operator maintains a minimum distance equal to 3 vehicle lengths between their moving PIT and any other mobile equipment

  • PIT operators slow down and sound their horn prior to crossing aisles and when their line of sight is restricted

  • Edge protection & Column guard available for warehouse racks are intact

  • Pedestrian walkways are clear & free from any obstructions

  • Materials are not stacked beyond the maximum storage level

  • Broken/damaged pallets are not used for material handling

  • Battery charging stations are maintained with terminal caps and earthing intact

  • Absence of dust accumulation and adequate ventilation ensured in battery charging stations

  • No cracks are observed in batteries

  • Adequate illumination available inside warehouse areas

  • Wheel stoppers are used for vehicles parked outside loading/unloading areas

  • Gas Cylinder are provided with labels, colour code and hazard warnings

  • Gas cylinders are provided with valve caps and secured with harness

  • Gas Cylinders are not exposed to extreme heat/cold

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