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Facilities & Structures

  • Floors maintained free from dirt, liquids, debris, electrical cabling, tools and equipment

  • Lighting sufficient for tasks undertaken?

  • Lights operational, steady and fittings in good repair?

  • Emergency lights and signs legible and operational?

Office Machines

  • Sufficient access to and room around office machines to allow safe and ergonomic operation and maintenance?

  • Equipment and materials not in use kept in place?

Office Furniture

  • Desks and chairs are suitable, purpose built and in good order?

  • Shelving and storage cabinets in offices are purpose built, stable and in good order?

  • Shelving space is sufficient and not cluttered or overloaded?

  • Work benches clear of rubbish, tidy and uncluttered?


  • Ablution facilities maintained in a clean hygienic condition?

  • Crib/lunch room facilities include adequate seating, fridge space and sink with hot and cold potable water?

  • Crib/lunch room facilities maintained in a clean hygienic condition?


  • Signs are ligible?

Storage Areas

  • Storage shelves purpose built with appropriate durable materials?

  • Flammable liquids stored in purpose built cupboards?

  • Acids, alkalis, and corrosives stored in accordance with MSDS and Dangerous Goods requirements?

Labeling, Color Coding and Demarcation

  • Distribution boards correctly labelled?

  • Electrical outlets labeled?

Stairs and landings

  • Clean and clear of obstructions?

Ladders, Handrails & Scafolding

  • Portable ladders in good condition with non-slip feet?

  • Stored in correct place?

  • No broken rungs or other defects?

Hazardous Substances (Cleaning Agents and Chemicals)

  • Stored correctly?

  • Correctly labeled?

  • MSDS Available?


  • No broken or defective leads?

  • No broken plugs?

  • No uprooted leads o r traffic areas?

Fire Extinguishing Equipment

  • Available?

  • Good condition, current inspection/test tag?

  • Visible and accessible?

  • Clearly signposted?

First Aid

  • First aid box present?

  • First aid trained personnel recorded and displayed?

  • Record of inspection current?

Emergency Plan

  • Plan is predominantly displayed?

  • Plan and contact details are correct?

Inspection Sign Off

  • Total number of corrective actions identified

  • Number of outstanding actions (i.e. not able to be immediately rectified)

  • Signature

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