• Document No.

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Fire Drill Information

  • 146th AW Fire Drill

  • Location
  • Date of Drill

  • Alarm Time

Fire Drill

  • Time Building was Completely Evacuated

  • Elapsed Time

  • Did the Alarm/Announcing System Function Properly?

  • Add media

  • Was the Alarm/Announcing System Heard Through Out the Building? If Not, List The Areas Where Was Not Heard.

  • Did the Evacuation Proceed in an Orderly Manner?

  • Did All Employees Assemble At A Designated Muster Point?

  • Were All Corridors and Exits Free of Obstructions?

  • Add media

  • Was All Equipment Properly Shutdown as applicable?

  • Notes and Comments


  • 146 AW/SEG Occupational Safety Specialist

  • 146 AW/SE Chief of Safety

  • 146 AW/SE Occupational Safety Manager

  • Unit Commander

  • Group Commander

  • Wing Commander

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