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Assignment Instructions

  • Are the assignment instructions available to all staff?

  • Are the assignment instructions within next review date?

  • Select date

  • Have the assignment instructions been signed off by all officers onsite?

  • Are the risk assessments included?

  • Are the risk assessments within the next review date?

  • Select date

  • Are all site security duties covered by these assessments?

  • Are the assignment instructions signed by 14forty management and the client?

  • Is the daily occurrence book available onsite?

  • Is the DOB complete and up to date?

  • Is the site attendance record book onsite?

  • Is the SAR complete and up to date?

  • Is the incident book available?

  • Is the incident book complete and up to date?

  • Are the pocket note books up to date with regular entries?

  • Comments

Uniform & ID Badges

  • Are all officers wearing the correct issued uniform?

  • Non 14forty issued uniform NOT being worn by staff?

  • Is the uniform clean and presentable?

  • Do all staff have a current ID badge? SIA and CGI

  • Comments


  • Are all staff displaying their SIA badges?

  • Are all the SIA licences active and in date?

  • Are the SIA licences being monitored?

  • Are CCTV duties carried out and are CCTV licences held (yes if not required)

  • Comments


  • Are key holding activities carried out onsite and is there a process to control the keys?

  • Is there a process to check the keys?

  • Is there a record of the key check being carried out?

  • Comments

Lost and Found Property

  • Is there a lost and found property register available on the site?

  • Is the process detailed in the assignment instructions?

  • Have the items been recorded / destroyed as per the AI's?

  • Comments


  • Does the vehicle have a two way communication device?

  • Is the vehicle inspected once per month to ensure that it is road worthy?

  • Is the vehicle clean and tidy?

  • Comments

Training Records

  • Does each officer have a training record?

  • Is there a record of site induction training taking place?

  • Is there any refresher training in place?

  • Are the training records signed by the trainer and trainee?

  • Comments

Management of the Contract

  • Are all contracted hours being delivered?

  • Is there any record that monthly visits are being carried out by the Area Manager? (Welfare visits)

  • Are all officer screened to BS7858?

  • Are the staff aware of the company bulletin newsletter?

  • Have annual PDR's been carried out for all the team?

  • Have monthly 1 to 1 meetings taken place?

  • Comments

Health and Safety

  • All PPE requirements satisfied and signed off?

  • Is the security area clean and tidy?

  • Are the full welfare facilities available to all officers?

  • Is the health and safety at work act poster displayed?

  • Are staff aware of the health and safety policy and its location?

  • Are staff aware of the location of the site accident book?

  • Do staff know what first aid is available to them?

  • Do the staff know how to make a duress call?

  • Comments

  • Site Security Supervisor (14forty)

  • Area Manager (14forty)

  • Client Security Manager (CRE)

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