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Site Presentation

Streetscape presentation

  • Gutters/footpaths clean<br>

  • Nature strip and trees maintained (grass mowed, trees staked/pruned, broken branches removed)

  • Are boundary fences/gates free of damage and graffiti

  • Is Landlord and Tenant signage relevant, clean and well presented

Landscaping and entry area

  • Is the landscaping neat and tidy? i.e. - rubbish removed, free from weeds, trees properly pruned & secured, lawns/edges cut, and planters filled to pavement level

  • are the line marked safety zones, car park spaces and demarcation zones clearly marked

  • Are roof and car park gutters and storm water drains clear of debris?

  • is office entry path & facade clean and painted surfaces (fire cabinets, bollards/barriers, downpipes etc) maintained

Office area

  • Are all floors and surfaces in good condition?

  • Are all egress paths and stairs clear from obstructions?

  • Are vacant Tenant spaces clean and presentable?

  • Are the bathroom areas clean, tidy and well maintained?

Warehouse internal and docks

  • Are the lights working properly?

  • Are emergency exits clearly marked and visible?

  • Are safety zones and line marking clear and well maintained?

  • are expansion joints in good condition<br>

  • Is the warehouse generally neat and tidy (racking maintained and goods equipment stored safely)?

  • are staff amenities clean and maintained?

Building External/hardstand

  • is the general hardstand area tidy with no equipment stacked against fencing or stored incorrectly?

  • Is the landscaping neat and tidy? i.e. - free from weeds, trees properly secured and planters filled to pavement level

  • Are gates and fences in working order and free from damage?

  • Are the external walls/surfaces clean and free from damage?

  • Are the curbs/gutters and general yard areas free from damage?

  • Are safety zones and line marking clearly marked?<br>

  • Are all fire doors and hydrant cupboards secure and maintained?

Compliance Items

Roof Access and Plant rooms

  • Are all roof access ladders and stairs in safe working order and property secured?

  • Is the roofing material secure and gutters clear?

  • Is all plant and equipment operating as expected?

  • Is the plant room clean and tidy?

  • Are spill kits present and stocked accordingly?

Essential Services

  • Have the fire extinguishers, hydrants and hose reels been tagged in the last 6 months?

  • Are the fire hose reel cupboards free of stored materials and clutter?

  • Are the fire pumps regularly maintained and operational?

  • Is the diesel fuel stored correctly?

  • Are the emergency exit signs illuminated?

  • Are the emergency evacuation plans clearly displayed and up to date?

Workplace Health and Safety

  • Is a Contractor induction process in place?

  • Is a First Aid kit present and up to date?

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