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The Health and Safety Policy

  • Is the Policy on display within the organisation?

  • Is the Policy appropriate to the nature and scale of the organisations risks?

  • Is OH&S recognised as an integral part of business performance?

  • Is there a commitment to continual cost improvement in the OH&S policy?

  • Is the management of OH&S a prime responsibility of line managers, from senior executive level to first line supervisors?

  • Is the policy communicated to all employees and are employees aware of their individual responsibilities?

  • Is the policy available to all interested parties

  • Is the policy and management system reviewed periodically to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to the organisation?

  • Corrective Action Required:


  • Is there and ongoing programme for risk assessments?

  • Are plans and objectives set for implementation of the OH&S Policy?

  • Does the OH&S Policy / other documentation designate responsibility and authority for achieving objectives?

  • Is there sufficient knowledge, skills and experience to manage OH&S issues effectively?

  • Are there operational plans for implementing risk controls?

  • Are arrangements in place for measuring, auditing and reviewing OH&S performance to identify any shortfalls and necessary corrective actions?

  • Are arrangements for implementing corrective actions in place and effective?

  • Corrective Action Required:

Risk Assessment

  • Is there a risk assessment policy?

  • Does a senior member of the organisation promote and manage the risk assessment process?

  • Are all of the key stakeholders consulted and their commitment secured?

  • Are all risk assessors trained?

  • Does the risk assessment form conform to nationally or industry agreed format and information content?

  • Are review systems for risk assessments in place?

  • Are the risk assessments stored in accordance with company data storage systems?

  • Are all the significant hazards relating to work activities identified?

  • Is the level of risk correctly assessed for each hazard?

  • Is a risk control action plan prepared if necessary?

  • Are risk control action plans reviewed regularly?

  • Corrective Action Required:

Implementation and Operation of System

  • Is a member of top management allocated full responsibility for OH&S?

  • Is there clear responsibility in the management structure?

  • Is there clear accountability in the management structure?

  • Is there clear delegation of authority in the management structure?

  • Are resources allocated as necessary?

  • Are all staff aware of their individual responsibilities?

  • Are all staff aware of their responsibilities to others?

  • Are all staff aware of the consequences of their actions or inaction?

  • Is a training, awareness and competence assessment programme in place?

  • Is a retraining and refresher training programme in place?

  • Is a system of open effective communication of OH&S information in place?

  • Are specialist advice/services made available where appropriate?

  • Are employees fully involved and consulted?

  • Is an adequate documentation system in place?

  • Is a system in place for ensuring documents are kept up to date and relevant?

  • Are contingency plans in place for emergencies including business continuity?

  • Corrective Action Required:

Emergency Planning

  • Do emergency plans evacuate staff, visitors and alert neighbours?

  • Are the emergency services alerted?

  • Is a senior manager appointed to co-ordinate and liaise with the emergency services?

  • Are procedures and equipment for dealing with emergencies adequate?

  • Are the emergency services notified of any special hazards or risks?

  • Are key staff trained for emergency procedures?

  • Do emergency plans include business continuity plans?

  • Corrective Action Required:

Checking and Corrective Action

  • Is OH&S performance regularly measured?

  • Is proactive performance measuring used?

  • Is reactive performance measuring used?

  • Is OH&S performance linked to targets and objectives being met?

  • Where OH&S performance is not meeting criteria, are the root causes identified and appropriate corrective action taken?

  • Are accidents and incidents investigated and any corrective or preventative action taken?

  • Are OH&S compliance, review and audit records kept?

  • Corrective Action Required:


  • Are regular period audits of the OH&S management system undertaken?

  • Are staff undertaking audits trained and competent to perform task?

  • Are auditors independent from the activity being audited?

  • Do audits verify that the organisation is meeting its OH&S obligations?

  • Do audits identify strengths and weaknesses in the OH&S system?

  • Do audits verify that the organisation is meeting its OH&S performance targets?

  • Are the audit results communicated to all relevant personnel?

  • Are audit results used as the basis for corrective action?

  • Are audit results monitored to ensure OH&S improvement (i.e. there are no repetitions or failures revealed by pervious reports)?

  • Corrective Action Required:

Management Review

  • Does top management periodically review the OH&S management system?

  • The review considers the adequacy, effectiveness and suitability of the OH&S system?

  • The review considers the adequacy of the OH&S policy and objectives?

  • The review considers the overall performance of the OH&S management system?

  • The review considers the performance of individual elements of the system?

  • The review considers the findings of audits?

  • The review considers internal factors affecting OH&S management?

  • The review considers external factors affecting OH&S management?

  • The review is forward looking, adopting a proactive approach towards improving the OH&S management system and business?

  • New or revised OH&S objectives are assigned to either collectively or individual functions of the organisation to ensure a proactive approach to OH&S management?

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