• Fuel trucks: No Visible signs of leakage from mobile fuel equipment.

  • Used tires disposed of properly. (Tire Contractor)

  • Used vehicle batteries disposed of properly.

  • GSE Equipment: No Visible signs of leakage from GSE.

Secondary Containment Inspections

  • Waste fuel/oil containers positioned on/in secondary containment?

  • Have you ensured each waste container has a lid and the lid is securely fastened?

  • All secondary containment clean and dry?

  • Secondary Containment Drainage Log documented that no sheen or contaminates present when containment area drained of rain water.

  • Secondary Containment drains are clear of debris and valves closed and locked?

  • No Leaks or deterioration from waste fuel/oil containers caused by corrosion or other factors

  • Fuel sumps, Fuel Samples, Fuel from Membrane filtration tests and API gravity/density checks are disposed in proper fuel grade containers.

Container Labeling

  • Have you ensured that all containers have a proper Hazardous Waste label?

  • Have you ensured all information is complete on the label? Label should contain Company name and address, EPA ID#, EPA or CA Waste Number, and Accumulation Start Date.

  • Have you ensured all labels are located on the side of the waste containers and facing outward so they are easily viewable?

  • Is the "Start Date" on any Hazardous Waste container 180 days or less from today? If NO, please contact your HW vendor for immediate removal.

  • Have you ensured each waste container lid is securely sealed to prevent leaks and rain water contamination?

Spill Prevention

  • Fuel trucks Spill Kits: Stocked with spill absorbent material.

  • Used absorbent materials placed in approved 55-gallon drum at Haz Waste Containment Area.

  • Spill Container is at operational readiness: Stocked with absorbent/shovels/brooms. Used absorbent materials disposed of properly.

Universal Waste

  • Have you ensured that fluorescent bulbs (including CFLs) are contained in the appropriate closed boxes?

  • Have you ensured Recyclable Batteries are disposed of in the appropriate waste container with a proper HW label, and the start date is not more than 180 days from today.

  • Have you ensured that all Universal Waste boxes have a properly completed "Universal Waste" label on it with Accumulation Start Date?

  • Have you ensured there is a properly stocked spill kit available in each accumulation area?

Eyewash Stations

    To perform the monthly inspection on the eye wash stations:
    o Initiate water flow.
    o Ensure the caps or covers come off by themselves when water begins to flow.
    o Run water until clear and clean.
    o Ensure caps or covers are clean and replaced when finished.
    o Make sure sink is clean.
    o Verify the path to the eyewash station is clear and not blocked.
    o Is there a sign above the identifying the location of the eyewash station?
    o Date and initial the inspection tag attached to the eye wash station.
    For portable bottles,
    o Be sure the bottle is in place,
    o The seal has not been broken,
    o The expiration date is current,
    o The exterior of the bottle is wiped clean.
    Click yes to confirm you understand how to perform the Eyewash Inspection items.

  • Blue Trailer by Exec Farm

  • Main Hangar/ Left Center of South Wall

Sign Off

  • Name of associate who conducted the inspection

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