AFQC Monthly Review- October 2016

1. Does the location perform Defuel services, even If infrequent? If no, skip to bottom. Reference: N/A

2. If location will provide Defuel services, do they have a fuel truck capable of defueling and equipped with Coalesor / Separator type filter elements? Reference: AFQC - 500.1 Warning.

3. Are defueled products being comingled with retail fuel or other aircraft fuel streams? Reference: AFQC - 500.1 Caution

4. Is defueled product being returned to Airport Storage / Fuel Farms? Reference: AFQC - 500.1 Warning

5. Does the location have a FSII Refractometer test Kit (B2)? Reference: N/A

6. Does the location utilize BBA 7.2.21 for all defuel operations? Reference: AFQC - 500.2.1 500.3.1

7. Do the responsible parties understand that defuel product must not be placed on an aircraft other than the one that it was defueled from or another from the same flight department / owner without a written release / notification from the aircraft owner it is being placed on? Reference: AFQC - 500.2.1 f.

HSE Manager Completing Review:
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