5.1.4 Maintenance Release of Aircraft

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a. At the completion of all required maintenance and prior to aircrew acceptance of an aircraft, is a certification that releases an aircraft from maintenance made in the applicable aircraft maintenance record?

b. Does the person certifying the release of an aircraft from maintenance must ensure:

(1) all required maintenance has been completed and certified, or a determination has been made in accordance with TAREG 5.1.6 to defer any required maintenance?

(2) the aircraft is in the approved configuration?

(3) all tooling used during maintenance has been removed from the aircraft, and is accounted for? and

(4) no scheduled maintenance will fall due during the time the aircraft is released to aircrew?

c. If unscheduled maintenance was permitted after the aircraft had been released from maintenance:

(1) Did the aircraft captain authorise the performance of the proposed maintenance? and

(2) Was the maintenance to be performedauthorised by the SMM?

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