1. Are vehicles driving IAW AFI's/local OI's?

2. Are rollover FOD checks being performed at FOD checkpoints or when exiting a non-paved area to paved area? Are flashlights used during hours of darkness?

3. Do drivers have a current AF IMT 483 Certificate of Competency?
Do drivers have a current Government Drivers License, and vehicle listed that is being driven?

4. Are vehicles approaching aircraft on the drivers side of the vehicle?

5. Are vehicles driving at least 200ft behind running aircraft?

6. Are posted speed limits observed?

7. Are flashers used during reduced visibility?

8. Are all vehicles driving 10ft from the centerline instead of the shoulder?

9. Are seat belts being worn and are bread truck passengers seated while the vehicle is in motion?

10. Are vehicle engines turned off when left unattended? Are they parked in a manner so they cannot roll towards an aircraft? Is the vehicle placed in park (auto transmission) or reverse (manual transmission) and the emergency brake applied?

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