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Management Manual

2.0 Management Manual

  • 2.2 - All drivers will need to liaise with planning co-coordinators or when unreachable the Transport manager. The Transport manager will speak directly to the sales and transport director and he will speak to the Board of directors. <br><br>Is the transport manager having effective communications with the Sales & Transport Director?

  • 2.3 - Evidence will be provided that the “Appointed Person” is fully qualified to carry out the role and that they have been formally appointed to the role. The ‘Responsible Person’ for ensuring that the daily transport operations for SRC AGGREGATES are run in accordance with this policy, the drivers handbook and any other accreditation's, will be Matthew Parker, Transport Manager. <br><br>Can the Transport Manager demonstrate who is the Appointed Person?

  • Is the Appointed Person fully qualified?

  • 2.4 - The Company will ensure that they hold all the necessary licences for the operations that they are carrying out. This will be monitored with checks of all operative licences on a Minimum 6 monthly basis by the Responsible Person. <br> <br>The Responsible Person is to ensure if the Company’s circumstances change that they inform the fleet manager immediately. This should include any hired, leased or loaned vehicles. <br><br><br>Does the company hold all the relevant Regulatory Licencing?

  • 2.5 - The Responsible Person is to ensure that the transport policy is fully communicated to all members of staff either through verbal medium (TBT, Induction) or through a notice board and through the driver’s hand book. A record must be kept of all the operatives having signed to say that they have read & understood the Policy. <br><br>Is there evidence that the Transport Policy has been communicated to all members of staff.

  • 2.6 - SRC AGGREGATES will ensure that the Responsible Person carries out a review of the Policy at least every 12 months to ensure that it complies with all legal requirements and the requirements of the FORS standards. There will be a record of dated meeting minutes for each and every review meeting and also a schedule to be followed for any changes. <br> <br>The Responsible Person will ensure that he keeps up to date with any changes or developments within the transport industry that will have a positive effect on the Company’s operations. <br>Has the Responsible Person reviewed the policy and is it in date and relevant?

  • Date of current policy.

  • 2.7 - The Company will demonstrate the way in which any complaints legal or non-legal, have been dealt with by way of a fully functioning complaints system and that these are not ignored by the company. <br> <br>When a complaint is received, either by a regulatory body or a member of the public, a record is to be entered in the ‘Complaints Register’ and brought to the attention of the Responsible Person. There will be a written record of any and all legal (Penalty notice charges & fixed penalties) or non-legal and how these have been resolved. <br><br>Can the Responsible Person demonstrate the above?

  • 2.8 - Drivers are to report any and all incidents which may incur a fine or charge. A record will be kept against all drivers, vehicles and routes that they may incur charges or fines to ascertain what the main reason for the costs are and what can be implemented to stop the incidents continuing.<br><br>Can the Responsible Person demonstrate the above?

  • 2.9 - All transport updates will be communicated via email or TBT to all drivers, it is the driver’s responsibility to make sure that the ‘responsible person’ has the correct email address to be contacted or not receiving emails.<br>Can the Responsible Person demonstrate the above?

  • 2.10 - Management will make every effort to ensure they have all the latest information regarding driving and vehicle standards. All FORS related Information will be controlled, disseminated and managed in the same way across all sites.<br><br>Can the Responsible Person demonstrate the above?

  • 2.11 - All tyres will be checked and findings recorded for Tyre wear, condition and disposal. Fuel consumption will also be checked and monitored with all figures recorded and assessed.<br><br>These will be monitored to ensure the greatest fuel efficiency and tyre-wear wherever possible. <br> <br>A fuel management programme may be introduced to ensure that the drivers are getting the most out of the fuel loads. Some drivers may require further driver training regarding more efficient driving technique, rotation of tyres due to wear and possibly changing the vehicles that are currently in use to a more appropriate type<br><br>Can the Responsible Person demonstrate the above?

  • 2.12 - Wherever transport is used, a suitable and sufficient risk assessment (as required by Regulation 3 of The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992) is to be carried out by the relevant Director. Assistance may be needed from the Company Safety Consultants. <br> <br>Risk assessments for road going vehicles will take account of the vehicle being used, the driver, the journey and the journey time. <br>Can the Responsible Person demonstrate the above?

  • 2.13 - SRC AGGREGATES will demonstrate the positive effects on the work process that have occurred due to a policy review being carried out. This will help with the continued improvement of the business. <br><br>Can the responsible person show evidence continual improvement?

  • 2.14 - SRC AGGREGATES will ensure that all members of staff are fully qualified and competent to carry out their daily duties. Where a deficiency in the competence of individuals is identified it will be brought to the attention of the Responsible Person who will liaise with the Managing Director in resolving the matter. <br><br>Can the responsible person evidence the above?


3.0 - Vehicles

  • 3.1 - SRC AGGREGATES will develop a planned maintenance regime for all vehicles and machinery including: road going vehicles, trailers, cranes, fork lifts etc.). <br>The Workshop Manager will keep records to show that maintenance is being carried out for all the above as per the manufacturers instruction, legal requirements and any other safety inspection. The maintenance regime will be reviewed to include any new vehicles that are introduced. <br>The inspection and maintenance process will be closely monitored and reviewed on a regular basis and. All records should be kept secured for at least a period of 15 months. <br><br>Can the Responsible Person demonstrate the above?

  • 3.2 - A daily inspection will be carried out on all vehicles prior to each shift starting. These inspections will be carried out by a competent driver and any defects will be highlighted and rectified by the appropriate person. If any vehicle is un-roadworthy it will be removed from service and not be permitted to leave the yard. <br>Daily walk round checks must be carried out at the following times: <br>• At the beginning of each shift, even if someone else has just been using the vehicle. <br>• When changing from one vehicle to another. <br>• At the end of the shift to identify any defects that may have happened during the shift. <br>All records of daily walk round checks shall be retained for 15 months in a legible condition by the Transport Manager, except for any nil defect reports which must be kept until the next safety inspection. <br>All drivers of vehicles / mobile plant must ensure that they report all defects to their manager. If the defect presents a significant hazard the Manager must be informed immediately. <br><br>Can the Responsible Person provide records/proof of the above?

  • 3.3 - The Responsible Person will ensure that the Company has the necessary insurances as set out by law. This will include; a minimum of 3rd party or self-insurance for the fleet, employers’ liability insurance for the business, public liability, goods in transit insurance or any other specialist insurances that may be required. <br>If these are not in date or there is an issue with any vehicle that is not road-worthy then the insurance may not be valid. The Responsible Person will carry out regular reviews to ensure that the insurances have not run out. <br><br>Can the Responsible Person demonstrate the above?<br>

  • 3.4 - The Responsible Person will ensure that all vehicles, are Taxed and MOT. The Dates of the VED expiry and all dates of MOTs will be available to view in the Sales office By their Pigeon holes. This register will be kept up to date for all works vehicles. <br><br>If a vehicle is to be kept off of the road for a period of time a Statutory Off Road Notification will be submitted. <br>Can the Responsible Person evidence the above?

  • 3.5 - RoRo & Articulated Vehicles.<br> All drivers must make sure that all vehicles are safely loaded, and appropriate restraints or sheets are used and that the vehicle is not overloaded or been loaded dangerously.<br><br>The Company will ensure that they have given all of their members of staff the appropriate training and information in respect to the loading of all vehicles & that the employee is retrained as necessary. <br> <br>Risk assessments will be carried out regarding the load, its size, weight, stability and so on. Warning notices will be displayed within the vehicle cab if the vehicles are above 3m in height. The correct vehicle should be used when moving any equipment and records should be kept for all vehicles and the type of load that they can carry. <br>Can the Responsible Person evidence the above?<br>

  • 3.7 - Fleet operators shall ensure that all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight are fitted with safety equipment to help protect vulnerable road users. <br>This shall include: <br>• Prominent warning signage to the rear of the vehicle (where feasible) to visually warn other road users not to get too close to the vehicle <br>• Side-under run protection to all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight that are legally exempt from fitment <br>• Class V and Class VI mirrors fitted to all vehicles where they can be mounted, with no part of the mirror being less than two metres from the ground <br>This is to minimise the risk over under run impact and close proximity incidents that involve vulnerable road users <br>Can the Responsible Person evidence this?

  • 3.8 - The Management will risk assess the potential for falls from vehicles when getting in and out of all parts of the vehicles. <br>All vehicles will be risk assessed to ascertain the potential for personnel or unauthorised persons to fall off the vehicles and take appropriate action. Written risk assessments should be carried out in relation to the possible type of fall that could happen depending on the vehicle. These risk assessments will be reviewed on a regular basis and amended as and when required, the personnel change or the equipment changes. The review period will not exceed 12 months in any circumstances<br><br>Can the Responsible Person evidence the above?

  • 3.9 - All aspects of vehicle movement will be risk assessed including: day to day driving, parking, reversing towing etc. The risk assessment will highlight any potential risks and ensure that the drivers are aware of the issues. <br><br>All vehicles must use the traffic management plan for the quarry that they are in. Any manoeuvring round any confined space and limited vision area must be risk assessed prior to commencing.<br><br>Any and all collisions/incidents should be reviewed immediately and form part of the overall Transport management system. Dependant on the type of vehicle it would be wise to, where possible, use appropriately trained banksmen, especially for the reversing of articulated vehicles. Risk assessment is essential in this process. <br>Can the Responsible Person evidence the above?

  • 3.10 - The Company will ensure that all specialist equipment such as: speed limiters, tachographs & lifting equipment etc. are inspected and calibrated in accordance with the manufacturers’ requirements and any current legislation. In some cases this will be carried out by an external organisation. <br> <br>Records will be kept of the maintenance, inspection and calibration of all specialist equipment and their associated parts. <br>Can the Responsible Person evidence the above?

  • 3.11 - All persons driving or carrying out maintenance on transport are to ensure that they use safety devices, <br>e.g. seat belts, reversing mirrors, cameras, lights, horns, amber flashing lights, body props, anti-slew bars, etc. Safety devices are never to be intentionally damaged, disconnected, defeated or abused. <br>Can the Responsible Person evidence the above?

  • 3.12 - Where employees drive their own vehicle for company business, this does not include driving to and from the workplace, it is the ‘employees’ responsibility to ensure their vehicle is fully taxed, has an MOT certificate and is insured for business use. <br> <br>The Responsible Person, or other delegated person, will ensure that the original documents are checked on, at least, a 6-monthly basis. <br>Can the Responsible Person demonstrate the above?

  • 3.13 - Vehicles are a major part of the Company’s image and therefore, where possible, must be kept in a clean condition both inside and out. Where a driver is not the regular driver of the vehicle, he / she must still ensure it is treated correctly. <br>Can the Responsible Person evidence the above?<br>


4.0 - Drivers

  • 4.1 - All persons required to drive or operate any form of transport owned by or hired by the Company to carry out its undertakings must be suitably competent and, as a minimum, hold a full UK driving license for the category of vehicle they will be driving. Anyone driving / operating mobile plant will be expected to have and in-date CPCS card. <br>When a new vehicle or item of plant is purchased which is different from the one it is replacing, adequate familiarisation training will be given by a competent person as nominated by the Directors. <br>Whichever form of license or certificate is held by a driver, the original must be produced when requested by the Company. Only originals will be accepted and a photocopy will be taken. Copies will be held at Head Office and the original checked on an annual basis by the Responsible Person or other nominated person. <br>Drivers with vehicles over 3.5 ton will have their license checked automatically every 3 months. Drivers of vehicles under 3.5 ton will have their license checked annually. <br>All licenses will be checked online, and a mandate must be signed before driving vehicles with permission for us to check your license. This will need to be redone on a 3-yearly basis.<br>When it is noted that an employee who drives a vehicle over 3.5 ton has six points on his / her license, online checks will be carried out by their manager on a monthly basis. <br>It is the responsibility of any driver to inform their Relevant Director / Manager if they are convicted of any offence in relation to their driving license and penalties bestowed upon them. Failure to do this could result in the dismissal of that employee. Furthermore, a driving ban may result in disciplinary procedures being instigated.<br>Can the Responsible Person provide evidence for the points mentioned above?

  • 4.2 - All persons driving on behalf of the Company must do so in accordance with the Road Traffic Act and Highway Code. At no time, during business or private use, will the Company accept responsibility for any offences committed. If an offence is committed, the employee will be responsible for any fines imposed and may be subject to disciplinary action, which may result in their dismissal. Care must be taken, at all times especially when there are vulnerable road users present. <br>Can the Responsible Person show how the company monitor driving standards?

  • 4.3 - Induction training will be held for all new drivers, this will include Online training of working at heights and manual handling. The new employee will be put with a driver assessor for a minimum half a day until confident. And will spend Time with the responsible person and HR manager until they are clear of their job role.<br>Can the Responsible Person show evidence of the above?

  • 4.4 - Drivers of all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes are required to undertake 35 hours training periodically. The Company will ensure that the training is carried out by an approved training centre. All periodic training given must be attended, and the responsible person will make sure where possible that different courses are taken to improve knowledge of the trade.<br><br>The fleet operators are to ensure that the required level of training are understood, followed and a record kept. This will be kept in the form of a training matrix for all staff with full requirements for the company taken into consideration. Holiday cover should also be considered and ensure that there is enough qualified cover in place. <br>Can the Responsible Person show evidence of the above?

  • 4.5 - All drivers must make sure that the hands-free system in their vehicle is working if it is damaged or not working please let management know. At no point should a driver be using a phone whilst driving. If found to be using phones not through the hands-free system then disciplinary action shall be taken. Navigation aids can only be used when parked and stationary in a safe place. <br>Can the Responsible Person demonstrate the above?

  • 4.6 - Fleet operators shall ensure that the risks of driving and work place transport safety are controlled by way of a working Health & Safety policy and consider that vehicle specific H & S advice is given to all drivers. <br>Can the Responsible Person evidence the above?

  • 4.7 - All Drivers should be given information on the requirements in respect of their general health and also regarding day to day issues. Eye site should be checked prior to commencing work and on a 6 monthly basis after that. The company policy on drink and drugs, both recreational and for medical purposes should be made aware to all employees. If employees develop any Health issues that may affect their ability to operator vehicles safely, a line manager should be made aware as soon as the condition is known. <br> Any person driving for work purposes are to ensure they only do so if they are in good health. All drivers are to inform their line manager if they have any health problems that could affect their driving ability. Drivers are to ensure they have regular eye tests and wear any corrective spectacles as necessary. <br>Drivers will be required to take a comprehensive Medical supplied by the company at least once a year.<br>Can the Responsible Person demonstrate the above?

  • 4.8 - All drivers must obey Driver tacho laws and Working time directive. If a driver is unsure or feels he needs more training this must be made aware to the responsible person. The Company will help all drivers to obey the laws and keep compliant. Any driver found misusing or abusing the rules will be given a disciplinary. <br>Analogue tachographs charts, digital print outs and all log books should be kept for a minimum of 12 months for drivers’ hours rules and for 24 months for the Working Time Directive purposes. <br>Can the Responsible Person evidence the above?

  • 4.9 - All drivers who get infractions must let the responsible person know. All cases of Infractions must be recorded with details as to why the infraction happened and how they can be avoided in the future.<br>Monthly letters will be issued to all drivers who have received any infringements, with serious incidents leading to disciplinary action. <br>Any misuse or falsification of tacho hours shall result in disciplinary action.<br>Can the Responsible Person evidence the above?

  • 4.11 - Any and all infringements incurred by the company drivers are to be recorded and action to be taken, this should include any whilst driving for personal matters. There shall be a yearly driving assessment for all drivers which drive a vehicle over 3.5 ton. <br>Can the Responsible Person evidence the above?


5.0 - Operations

  • 5.1 - The Responsible Person will ensure that all works are scheduled to ensure the efficiency of the operation and the safety of others. This should help to reduce extra operational costs when driving in certain areas. <br> <br>Consideration will be given to route planning taking into account the type of vehicle being used in respect of; tunnels on route, parking available, residential areas, congestion charging routes, low emission zones, weight, height & width restrictions and the logistical challenges of the site. <br> <br>Where necessary contact will be made with the customer to ascertain if there are any issues with the routes in or around their location. <br>Can the Responsible Person evidence the above?

  • 5.2 - Where specialist loads are being dealt with there will be extra planning to consider; waste, dangerous goods or abnormal loads. The main purpose is to ensure the safety of other road users & the environment when these types of loads are being transported. <br> <br>Any and all permissions/licenses (Environment Agency) will be sought prior to the journey taking place. The Highways Agency and TFL will be notified accordingly where an abnormal load is being transported. All documentation will be made available, for instance Waste Transfer Notes. <br>Can the Responsible Person demonstrate the above?

  • 5.3 - All incidents where Company vehicles are involved whether incidents, RTA’s or a near miss shall always be reported to the Responsible Person for recording purposes and to assess whether further action should be taken. The vehicles and the operatives involved should also be assessed prior to either of them returning to the roadways. <br>The Fleet Manager will ensure that all vehicles are insured for purpose and that all drivers are covered under the company insurance. All insurance claims shall be investigated and reacted to by the Responsible Person. All claims will be recorded and reviewed taking into consideration the following; <br>• Risk Assessments <br>• The Management of the Drivers <br>• Post incident Processes <br>• Driver Behavioural training. <br>Can the Responsible Person evidence the above?

  • 5.7 - Any work carried out with low loaders must only be done so by competent drivers / operators that have been authorised by the Directors. The Directors will ensure that the driver has the correct driving license and experience for this type of vehicle. Checks of the driving license will be carried out as mentioned in 3.24.3 above. <br>Can the Responsible Person evidence the above?


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