Site compliance Audit

Reason for Audit

Brief Description of Work

Technical Ability to perform witnessed activity



General knowledge about asbestos types, materials and associated health effects



Knowledge of company related quality procedures, activities and associated H&S legislation



Maintenance of equipment used for work, including PPE and RPE



Ability / Attitude to represent company i.e turn out, communication, time keeping, approach to work



Audit satisfactory

Approval Granted

Action to close out

Has the Auditee accepted the findings raised during the audit and agreed to the corrective actions

pre - start Health & Safety Assessment

Is the Plan of work including the risk assessment (RA) on site

Scope of work reviewed?

Has the Plan of work (POW) been thoroughly planed by the PM?

Is the scope of work fit for purpose?

Before start, all limitations accepted and understood, does the surveyor fully understand what they are doing?

Risk assessment completed and signed on arrival?

Is the POW being used over several days / several sites; if so, relevance of RA and limitations

Are all significant risks identified with suitable controls detailed within HSP 01?

Are there any high risk activities? i. e. Work @ height, work in confined spaces. If so are they properly planned and are they being conducted in accordance with method statement?

Has the on site analyst / Surveyor completed all necessary pre - start inspections of equipment and all labelled correctly?

Ladder No:

Photograph of ladder / Ladders if required

Ladder date:

Mask number:

Photograph of mask / Masks if required

Mask paperwork Checked

Tool box checked

Photograph of tools / tool box if required

Does the analyst / Surveyor have all necessary PPE / RPE and is it being used correctly?

Are safe access/egress routes available and are they free from trip and fall hazards?

If not; is the on site analyst / Surveyor reliant on other contractors for safe access? If so, is this safe and sufficient for the task?

Is the on site analyst / Surveyor wearing all company issued uniform?

General knowledge about asbestos, asbestos types, health effects, control limits, RPE and mask APF reviewed?

Site Sampling - Air Monitoring Assessment

Current level of approval
Approval level ( following approval audit )

Is lab location suitable i.e. clean, good seating and lighting.?

Has lab air test been completed in last seven days?

Is ALL equipment in date with calibration sticker in place?

All in good working order?

Are all sample cowls protected correctly?

Is microscope set up correctly as described in QSOP 1 to achieve Kohler illumination?

Band 5 checked by Analyst and visible? (Auditor to confirm)

Measured Graticule checked?

Aware of how to adjust all parts for type of microscope used?

Is the analyst aware that they are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the kit which is in use is in date and fit for purpose

Aware that field blank must be completed for all Air Monitoring jobs (each day)

Are all RA documents current and completed correctly with all calculations checked?

Is analyst able to calculate reported results using full formula?

Is sampling pump set up correctly with filter mounted in clean head and sample head positioned at correct height?

All measurements time/ flow taken correctly and recorded on site paperwork?

Have slides been cleared in accordance's with QSOP1 and HSG 248 i.e. slides have been mount correctly are clear with no paper still visible and are relatively un-distorted

Are slides stored correctly in a slide box and information recorded on slide correctly, including slide box sticker?

Aware that slide boxes must be returned to accredited office and not stored on site?

Does analyst know what their issuing office is and recording correctly on RA forms.?

Does analyst understand QSOP 1 for completing TWA personal monitoring?

Copy of relevant documentation available on site?

General discussion regarding sampling strategies, different types of sampling – re: HSG 248 Chapter 5? / current legislation /limits of detection and problem situations

Aware of Entry and exit procedure as outlined in QSOP1

Can the Analyst explain the WHO counting rules and other potential issues with counting?

Analyst's Monthly QC up to date ? (check with PC)

Review of paperwork at QC stage; have any anomalies been identified?

Environmental issues

Is the Analyst / Surveyor aware of the company’s commitment to Its environmental performance?

Is the Analyst / Surveyor aware of the Standard that we operate to (ISO14001)?

Where to find its policies?

Does the analyst car share or use public transport where possible?

Is the analyst disposing of waste on site appropriately?

Where electrical equipment is used is it Turned off when not in use?

If site activities include air monitoring of atmosphere for substance release is the Analyst following company procedures? (i.e. background, leak testing)

Are there any aspects to our work may cause environmental issues?

Does the surveyor / analyst have any suggestions on how Redhills can further reduce its Environmental impact?

Non-Conforming Works Report

List of Non - compliance

Non - compliance

Non - conformance Details

Corrective Action Required

Person Responsible

Timescale / Priority


R / Points
Photograph if required
Signed by Surveyor / Analyst to confirm finding / findings

Audit report notes


Photographs or drawing
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.