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1.0 Sort - No unnecessary items in the area

  • 1.1 No machine parts, tools, pipes or hoses on the floor

  • 1.2 No obsolete or unused tools, equipment, pipes etc. in the area

  • 1.3 All storage areas for packaging and other materials have limits on how much can be stored in the area and stored quantities are within these limits

2.0 Set - A place for everything

  • 2.1 All stored equipment is screened from water splashing from the floor

  • 2.2 All fixed pipe work, conduit etc. labelled to indicate contents. All equipment gauges, dials, buttons, lubrication points etc. are labelled and indicate desired operating range if applicable

  • 2.3 All equipment, tools, packaging, chemicals and other items are stored in designated and labelled locations. Chemical containers correctly labelled

  • 2.4 All walkways, safety zones (emergency showers, exits, fire equipment etc.) are clearly signed and are not obstructed

3.0 Shine - clean workplace and equipment

  • 3.1 Area is clean and free from rubbish. Cupboards, shelves and work benches are clean and tidy. All bins are labelled and colour coded.

  • 3.2 All equipment is free from rust and temporary repairs and free from excess lubricant, chemical, water and product leakage and residue.

  • 3.3 All floors are in good repair (free from cracking or holes), and free of product, water or other liquid pooling. All drains are clean and unobstructed. All footbaths filled, all foaming stations are working and providing effective coverage.

  • 3.4 All ceilings, walls and doors are clean and free from corrosion, mould or flaking paint.

  • 3.5 All cleaning tools are clean, in good condition and stored correctly

  • 3.6 All hand wash, sanitiser & paper towel dispensers stocked and being used and a bin is available.

  • 3.7 All soaking baths are clean, all rubbers are removed, and parts fully submerged.

4.0 Standardise - compliance to standards

  • 4.1 All staff are using relevant PPE, have clean uniforms and boots, and are following the jewellery policy

  • 4.2 All walls, ceilings and doors without gaps or holes. All doors / air locks closed securely, pest control is in place and there is no evidence of pests

  • 4.3 All windows, glass, Perspex (including guards) and lights are free from cracks and holes, and all lights are covered and operational

  • 4.4 No crates or product containers are being used for any purpose other than designated

  • 4.5 No wooden handled implements in the area. No wood chips on the floor or wooden pallets touching the floor

  • 4.6 All packaging materials covered / sealed in a condition to prevent contamination

  • 4.7 All records are current, legible and signed

  • 4.8 No high pressure hosing

  • 4.9 No obsolete or uncontrolled documents (process documents, notices etc.) in the area

5.0 Sustain - Maintain standards (only answer the following questions if an area has been 5Sd, otherwise mark N/A)

  • 5.1 The audit roster is posted, current, assigned to individual team members, and signed off.

  • 5.2 The audit result is posted and current.

  • 5.3 The area map is posted and current.

  • 5.4 All 5S Area Standard/s are posted and current.

Waste Observation

  • Are any wastes observed? Please specify location and describe the waste.<br>Example: conveyors left running during line stoppage, milk drained to floor.....etc

  • Describe the corrective actions required.

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