SORT: 1) Office Area

  • There are no unnecessary office furniture, chairs, carts, or equipment.

  • Remark/opportunities for improvement

  • Photos

SORT: 2) Work Area

  • There are no unnecessary items (supplies, tools, equipment, parts, test fixt5ures, WIP, personal items such as pictures, cups, jewelry, docs, etc) Personal objects for decor are accepted but limited

  • Remarks/opportunities for improvement

  • Photos


STRAIGHTEN: 3) Office Area

  • Workspace, equipment, files, furniture, are appropriately located: easy to find, there is no obstruction or clutter. Locations are identified and arranged per posted layout.

  • Remark/ opportunities for improvement

  • Photos

STRAIGHTEN: 4) Work Area

  • At individual workspace, Items such as files, furniture, equipment, accessories, etc are appropriately located and meets posted standard. During work hours WIPIS acceptable on desk surface. After work hours surface should be organized to the posted standard

  • Remark/Opportunities for improvement

  • Photos


SHINE: 5) Office Ara

  • The area is clean and maintained including floors, walls, ceilings, surfaces, etc this includes behind and under workstations.

  • Remarks/ opportunities for improvement

  • Photos

SHINE: 6) Work Area

  • 6) Individual workspace and furnishing, office equipment, tools , posted boards are clean and in good condition

  • Remarks/ Opportunities for improvement

  • Photos



  • PPE standards are observed. Visual standards and postings are present and maintained in the area. 5S methodology is known and understood

  • Remarks/Opportunities for improvement

  • Photos

STANDARDIZE: 8) Product/Information flow

  • Communication board / SIM board are updated and visual . Performance indicators on department are managed and updated

  • Remarks/ Oppotunities for improvement

  • Photos


SUSTAIN: 9) Office

  • Records indicate daily assessments are conducted by employees. Evidence indicates montly audits are conducted by management staff. Equipment is maintained and in good condition

  • Remarks/Opportunities for improvement

  • Photos

SUSTAIN: 10) SIM Management

  • 5S is managed during SIM cycles: indicators, suggestions, action plan, encouragement

  • Remarks / Opportunities for Improvement

  • Photos


  • Additional photos

  • Final Summary/Remarks

  • Auditor Name

  • Auditor Signature

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