Preferred Quality Services 5S Audit

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1S - Sort (Determine what is needed and remove the rest)

  • Are there unnecessary personal belongings on the work area?

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  • Are there any training boards/sample parts laying around?

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  • Are all containers closed and kept separate? (No extra containers on work station)

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2S - Set in order (A place for everything & everything in its place... No searching!)

  • Are there any extra tools/materials/equipment on the work area? (e.g. Extra scope, extra radio)

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  • Are WIP, Finished, and NCM product labeled and placed on their assigned location?

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  • Are all containers/bags/supplies/paperwork placed on their assigned area? (All area on general)

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3S - Shine (Cleaning & looking for ways to keep it clean)

  • Are there floor drops that have not been scrapped? Is floor clean?

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  • Are work areas being clean before and after each new job?

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  • Do operators clean their work area without being told? (Before they live work area)

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4S - Standardize (Make standard obvious and maintained)

  • Does production flow have any obvious changes that area not good practices?

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  • Do people understand why cleaning is important?

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  • KPIs are understood by everyone? Do they care about the KPIs?

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5S - Sustain (Maintain high standards and constantly seek to improve)

  • Has everyone been trained on the 5S for their work area?

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  • Has the lead personnel review last audit's findings?

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  • Has management give recognition to teams involved on maintaining 5S?

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Comments section

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  • Opportunities for improvement


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  • Lead auditor

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