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1. Sort

  • Materials. Are there any unneeded materials in the area?

  • Machine Tools. Are there any unused machines or tools in the area?

  • Other equipment. Are there any unused equipment in the area?

  • Visual Standards. Are unneeded items " Red Tagged " ?

  • Written Standards. Are there any obsolete written standards?

2. Set

  • Location Indicators. Are machines and work areas labelled?

  • Item indicators. Do areas have signs/labels showing which item goes where?

  • Quality indicators. Are the maximum and minimum allowable quantities indicated?

  • Demarcation of walkways and storage areas. Are lines or other markers used to clearly indicate walkways and storage areas?

  • Tools and other equipment. Are tools arranged rationally to facilitate picking them up and returning them? E.g. Shadow Boards

3. Shine

  • Floors. Are the floors kept shiny and clean and free from waste, water and debris?

  • Machines. Are the machines wiped clean often and kept free of debris?

  • Cleaning and checking. Is equipment inspection combined with equipment maintenance?

  • Cleaning responsibilities. Is there a departmental person responsible for overseeing cleaning operations?

  • Habitual Cleanliness. Do operators habitually sweep floors and wipe equipment without being told?

4. Standardise

  • Standards. Are standards visible and well communicated?

  • Improvement ideas. Are improvement ideas being acted on?

  • Key procedures. Are standard procedures written, clear and actively used?

  • Steps plan. Is the local plan communicated to the departmental members?

  • The first 3 steps. Are the first 3 steps being maintained?

5. Sustain

  • Training. Is everyone trained adequately in standard procedures ?

  • Tools and parts. Are tools and parts being stored correctly ?

  • Stock control. Are stock controls being adhered to?

  • Audits. Is an audit timetable being adhered to?

  • Activity boards. Are activity boards up to date and regularly reviewed?

Comments / Recommendations

  • Overall impression / comments?

  • 3 Key actions from this audit.

Final Thoughts....

  • Overall condition.

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