• Objective: Determine what is and isnt needeed

  • No unneeded equipment, tools, paperwork etc are present in area

  • All necessary items are clearly labeled

  • No unneeded inventory, supplies, parts, or materials (WIP) present in area

  • Personal items are not cluttering work area; tripping dangers are removed

  • Red Tag system is in place and unecessary items are tagged and stored

Set In Order

  • Objective: A place for everything and everything in its place

  • Designated areas are visually identified for finished, WIP and pending jobs

  • Tools are at point of use and storage is visual (easy to see, retrieve, return)

  • Aisles, work areas, benches, equipment are clearly and consistently marked

  • Labeling system is in place and labels are up to date/in good condition

  • Paperwork and documents are properly organized and labeled


  • Objective: Clean to Inspection

  • Floors, walls, stairs, surfaces, equipment are free of dirt, oil, grime and clutter

  • A maintenance system is in place to ensure periodic equipment inspection

  • Cleaning materials are well organized and easily accessible

  • Area is well lit and ventilated, labels and signs are legible/in good condition

  • Shine responsibilities are clear and monitored regularly


  • Objective: Standards to keep the first 3 S's from deteriorating

  • 5S Maintenance Schedule and Checklist are posted in the area

  • 5S Visual Standards are posted and followed

  • Standard procedures are centrally available

  • 5S and continuous improvement results are posted and clear

  • Processes exist to monitor previous audit action items


  • Objective: Make it a habit

  • 5S audits are conducted regularly

  • Supervisors are actively involved in 5S activities

  • Employees undestand and are aware of 5S goals

  • All employees are trained in 5S and engaged to maintain the 5S Standard

  • Communication boards are up to date


  • Objective: Zero Accidents

  • All inspection logs are up to date

  • Fire safety guidelines are followed

  • Personal protection guidelines are followed

  • Danger zones clearly marked and blocked off

  • Potential hazards been eliminated

Sign Off

  • Completed by (Name and Signature)

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