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  • Review Quality Holds from previous day.

  • Attend Daily Tier 2 meeting.

  • Determine Quality Department Priorities as needed and assign task.

  • Review KRONOS hours from previous day.


  • Schedule QA Department for following week.

  • Approve overtime and vacation.

  • Review CARs for CI's.

  • Review quality held rolls in the HOLD area.

  • Attend weekly Tier 3 meetings.

  • Prepare weekly quality report on Thursdays.

  • Attend CI CAR Meetings as needed.

  • Assist with SQF audits/functions as needed.

  • Verify 6S projects are being maintained - (Visual Audits, See 5S/6S Checklist Document).


  • Acquired: Regulatory samples collected and sent for testing.

  • Prepare Monthly Division Quality KPIs.

  • Prepare the Quality Department presentation for monthly communications meetings.

  • Complete 2 safety observations.

  • Attend Pine Bluff/Converting Quality monthly call.

  • Attend the SQF Practitioner monthly call.


  • Calibration Audit.


  • Regulatory Water and Air on-site Testing.

  • Calibration Audit - that is acceptable to our customers and our quality management system.

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