• Counter clean and organized correctly? Monitors, ingenicos, keyboards, phones wiped clean?

  • Business cards displayed? Brochure racks full?

  • Document holders and tags in stock?

  • R&D tags complete?

  • Trailer tags being stamped?

  • Box displays and bundles stocked and neat, correct height on signage?

  • Displays match layout, racks stocked?

  • Floors clean?

  • Restroom clean and stocked, no products left out?

  • Employees in uniform?

  • Lights not burned out? Menu boards nice?

  • Is virtual tour current?

  • Windows clean and proper decals on doors?

GM Office, Breakroom

  • Office Clean and organized?

  • Charts up to date?

  • Appliances and sink clean, garbage emptied and trash bags in use?


  • Blue bars done, scheduling tactics being used?

  • Red bar checklist being used?

  • 2 phone numbers and emails on all rentals? Verifying numbers?

  • CSF being used properly?(observe)

  • Callbacks getting done? Check "Do not call" list.

  • Check customer reviews. Notes from GM in complaints?

Hitch bay

  • Organized and clean? Floor waxed?

  • Hitches put away, tags in use ?

  • Safety glasses used/stocked?

  • Tool box stocked and organized, no broken tools?

  • Hitch supplies stocked and used? Floor, seat mats, wheel covers, wheel chocks?

Wash bay

  • Clean and organized, drain free of debris?

R&D area

  • Area clean and organized?

  • Cart out and in use, setup to PB1027?

  • Tires gauges, knockers, stickers, barcodes present?

  • Check ins and Level 1s being done properly? (Observe)

  • Air setup and pressure being checked when necessary (observe).


  • 331 being followed? Is display 5 star? Frontline stocked with trucks and trailers, 19.95?

  • BEs/BPs washed clean?

  • SRI display by entrance?

  • UBox display in use and correct?

  • Landscaping done, trees trimmed, weeds?

  • Signage clear and correct? Entrance, arrows, stop sign.

  • Readerboard up to date, no broken letters?

  • Curb sleeves out and nice?

  • Check Equipment-signs, stickers, PO/UDs, cleanliness, doors locked.

  • Trailers on stands, chains connected, rubber retainers on?

  • Barcodes installed on EQ.

  • SRI organized, pads folded and bagged?

  • Overall lot neat and clean?

Sale Trucks

  • Trucks organized, window signs, required documentation posted?

  • Truck on display, banner or sign installed and visible?

  • Trucks clean and maintained, batteries being charged?

UBox Bay

  • Boxes neat and organized, doors facing in?

  • Full boxes wrapped and bolted?

  • Forklift clean and stocked?

  • Stabilizer bar on forks, mirrors ok, hemp rope ok, vermeys bracket ok?


  • Review when last walk around was done.

  • Aisles and hallways clean?

  • Light and exit signs working?

  • Check random rooms for cleanliness.

  • Storage cart clean and stocked?

  • Collection calls done daily?

Facility maintenance

  • List any maintenance issues or projects to complete.

  • Other comments:

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