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  • "FINISHED PRODUCT" - No products from previous production on the premises - except those with quality instruction (red sheet)

  • "PROHIBITED ITEMS". No forbidden items observed. See 750-POS-0101 for more details on the list of prohibited items

  • http://dms.gbl/corpo_docs/dms_docs//200-PDF_Versions/790-POS-0101_en.pdf

  • "CLIENT BOXES" - No customer box used as container

  • "ITEM ON THE WALLS" - No unnecessary item on these


  • <br>"PRODUCTION MATERIALS" - mobile equipment, pallets raw materials, .... have a clearly identified location and in its place. However, it is accepted, when mobile equipment is in full use, that it is not in its place.

  • "SUPPLIES" - No excess quantity

  • "TOOLS" - In place on shadow boards or at an identified location. The lockout accessories are identified and stored in a lockout station.

  • "BOTTLES" - Clearly identified

  • "APRONS / CLOTHES" - located at its identified location without touching the floor


  • "DOCUMENTS" - various instructions or lockout procedures clean and not obsolete

  • "CABINETS / TABLES / DRAWERS" - Well organized and without residue of glue or tape

  • "ENVIRONMENT" - Floor / Lines on the floor / walls / ceilings (clean, not cracked, without holes)

  • "EQUIPMENT" Machines are clean

  • "LEAKS / TEMPORARY REPAIRS" - have an M5 card


  • "DUSTPANS / BROOMS" - respect the standard height. The standard height is between 4 to 6 inches from the ground.

  • "SINKS" - identified and guideline is respected. Refer to 790-POS-0002 and 790-POS-0003

  • http://dms.gbl/corpo_docs/dms_docs//200-PDF_Versions/790-POS-0002_en.pdf

  • http://dms.gbl/corpo_docs/dms_docs//200-PDF_Versions/790-POS-0003_en.pdf

  • "HAND WRITING" - No hand written identification


  • "RESPECT" - The audit is done with respect from others

  • "NON-COMPLIANCES" - The non-conformities of the previous audit are corrected and signed by its performer


  • "EMERGENCY EXIT / ALLEYS" - Without obstruction / clearly identified / not slippery

  • "STAIRCASES" - Without obstruction / not slippery / no risk of falling

  • "FLOOR" - Without obstruction / not slippery (If water is present, a wet floor sign is installed).

  • "PPE" - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available and in good condition. Visors, gloves, aprons, reflective jacket.

  • "SAFETY GUARDS" - installed and closed

  • "EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT" - available and quick access (fire hoses, fire extinguishers, emergency stop buttons)

  • "ELECTRIC PANELS / CONTROL" - are closed and no items are blocking access

  • "OTHER OBSERVATION" - Other observations to report?

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