Short Term Work on Roofs Project Checklist

1. PCBU Details

Contact Person:



No. of employees:

Are young persons under 21 employed on site?

2. Expected Duration of Work

2a. What is the forecast amount of time required for the business to complete the work?

3. Field of Work
3a. What field of work is being conducted?

If Other Please Specify:

4. General Risks

4a. Is the roof in good condition?

4b. Are there overhead power lines nearby?

4c. Are electrical risks being managed? (Are workers aware of safe working distances?)

4d. Are workers utilising a stable platform/structure to work from?

4e. Have all workers received a site induction?

4f. Are there any open penetrations or voids?

4g. Is there adequate supervision in place for young workers?

4h. Is appropriate footwear being worn when working on roofs?

4i. Is a SWMS required for work at heights? If yes, was it in place, have staff been inducted on it?

4j. Is there asbestos present?

Has an asbestos register been provided to the PCBU and its workers?

Has as asbestos management plan been implemented?

5. Roof Access

5a. Is the roof accessed by a higher level safety system including scaffolding, roof access hatches, stair towers or elevated work platforms?

5a(i). Is the PCBU utilising ladders?

5a(ii). Have the workers been trained in the safe use of ladders including 3 points of contact?

5a(iii).Is the ladder erected appropriately – including placed on solid ground, tied to the roof, on an appropriate angle and extending a minimum of 0.9M above the roof if not an A-frame?

5a(iv).Is a working load limit displayed on the ladder?

5a(v). Is the ladder in good working condition?

5b. Is scaffolding being used?

5b(i). Has a handover certificate been received by the PCBU?

6. Working at Heights on Roofs - Hierarchy of Measures

6a. Have fall protection devices been used, such as guard railing, roof safety mesh, scaffolding or elevated work platforms?

Which one/s were used (high level control)?

6b. Have fall prevention devices been used, such as travel restraints that prevent workers from reaching an edge where they could fall (medium level controls)?

6c. Have fall-arrest systems been used, such as catch platforms, harnesses with anchor points or safety nets?

Which one/s were used (low level controls)?

6d. Are workers and the PCBU aware of the hierarchy of controls?

6e. Have workers been trained in the system being used, i.e. harness use/ fitting?

6f. Is all equipment used fit for purpose and maintained as required?

6g. Is the system used the most appropriate for the tasks involved?

Please provide detail:

7. Hazardous Manual Tasks
7a. How are materials moved from the ground to the roof?

If Other Please Specify:

7b. Can items be preassembled prior to installation on the roof?

7c. Is the risk of falling items or falling adequately managed while moving materials onto the roof or using the materials on the roof, including exclusion zones, edge protection, lanyards on tools or screens?

8. Emergency Procedures

8a. Are there recovery and retrieval procedures in place? – WHS Regulation 2011, Clause 80.

8b. Are workers trained in recovery and retrieval systems? - WHS Regulation 2011, clause 39.

8c. Are recovery and retrieval equipment available?

9. Fair Trading NSW

9a. Fair Trading Licence Check Completed

Fair Trading NSW

10. Workers Compensation & Return to Work

10a. Workers Compensation Checks Conducted:

Are Policy Details Correct on OMS

Provide Return To Work Pack.

Provide "What to do if you get injured at work" poster

11. Inspector Observations

11a. In your observations are the PCBU and/or workers aware of the risk when working at heights and the options to best manage their safety?

Provide Comment:

11b. In your observations were any issues identified that required immediate attention?

11c. Overall – how would you rate the PCBU’s compliance with their obligations under the WHS Act?

11d. Any Additional Comments:

11e. PCBU is recommended for an advisory visit

12. Additional Resources

SafeWork NSW

Code of Practice Managing the risk of falls at workplaces.

Australian Standard AS 1891.4:2009 Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices – Selection, use and maintenance.

Safe work on roofs – information sheet, Safe Work Australia.

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.