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Equipment - Condenser Units Outdoor

Power Supply

  • Power from distribution board? <br>Power must be from a Main Circuit Breaker allow for labels - supply can be from unit control panel or main Distribution Board via MCB - BS 7671

  • Is there space for Main Circuit Breaker? ( Single phase ) 16 AMPS

  • How far is the Distribution board to the proposed Adiabatic Panel (in meters)

  • Does the route penetrate a fire wall?<br>Note most plant rooms are fire walls which allow for 120 mins sealant.

Adiabatic - Control Panel

  • Overall Condenser Dimensions (WxHxL). Please log details. I.e. LT1 , HT1 etc with make and model. <br>Note - Control Panel Unit can be indoor or outdoor IP55 , Try to keep the control panel local to the condenser if possible.

  • How many control panel units are required?<br>Note - For example if 2 x condensers with 3m of coil each (6m x 2 = 12m total spray pipework) and around 5m of connection pipework pressure will be to low. The more condensers there are the more control panels will be required.

  • Does the control panel require additional supports for mounting?

  • Air probe will be located on the Control Panel - if possible do not install the control panel in direct sunlight? Will the control panel be in direct sunlight as this can give false readings.

  • Does the Control Panel require protection?

  • Is there good drainage for purge bleeds (Automatic normally open solenoid valve for nozzle pipework drainage - stop dead leg)? <br>Please refer to Appendix 1 - Schematic Ricardo issued to assist.

  • When system in operation will the water spray any other equipment?<br>Equipment - Control panels , Roof etc

  • How many meters of plastic pipe is required from the Control Panel to Air Cooled Condensers (For Refrigeration Equipment)? (Note per system)

Water Supply - MCW

  • Is water supply MCW ? (Main cold water) <br>Note - do not take from outlet of CAT 5 booster set

  • MCW connections - Allow for NRV (None return Valve) and Isolation Valve at tee in connection.<br>Note - NRV must be taken in account for Part B regs - RISK -"Dead leg"

  • Cold water Pipe route - How many Meters to Control Panel?

  • Make a note of MCW water pressure (If possible). Water Pressure should be visible on main pressure gauge if available). Should be between 1 and 3 as an example. <br><br>Need 3 bar or break tank is required.

  • Does MCW come from soft water supply? Please refer to link shared over email.

  • Is there space for insulation around the MCW pipework? Armaflex for all - Labels.

  • Does MCW pass through a Fire wall?<br>Allow for Collar or pipe in pipe. 120 mins,

  • What materials is current MCW supply?

  • What is the MCW pipesize?

  • Do you require working at height?

  • If Main Cold Water Supply is located outdoor make a note of how much heater type is required. Does outdoor main cold water supply to control panel need additional heater tape inc insulation for frost protection?

  • Take photos and store in the project folder.

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