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  • Personnel

Check List

  • Have operatives signed in?

  • Have all operatives received induction?

  • Have all operatives got valid CSCS card?

  • Are risk and method statements available?

  • Have these RAMS been counter signed by operatives? Please take photo of signed RAMS document

  • Add media

  • Do operatives know site safety rules and evacuation procedures? Please ask a sample of staff

  • Tool box talks completed since last report? Please list


  • Hi Viz Vests worn?

  • Hard hat?

  • Correct gloves?

  • Suitable footwear?

  • Hearing protection available and worn?

  • Eye Protection available?

  • Branded logo on PPE

  • Is PPE in good condition

  • Is PPE being worn correctly?

Working At Height

  • Are measures in place to prevent falls from height?

  • Please record any measures?

  • Scaffold Towers- record of daily inspections? Equipment visually in good condition? Operatives hold relevant training certification?

  • Ladders-Suitable equipment for the task? Visually in good condition? Evidence of inspection? LADDERS ONLY TO BE USED AS A LAST RESORT!

  • MEWPS, record of daily inspection? Used correctly? Operators hold correct certification? Units identified with company logo?

  • Safety Harness- Are these being worn correctly? Evidence of certification? Is the correct harness in operation? Measures in place to rescue operative in case of emergency? Harness in good visual condition?


  • Have operators got the correct licence, and training certification?

Working Environment

  • Lighting, is there adequate lighting supplied by client for access egress?

  • Task lighting, is there suffice task lighting?

  • Available site power, has there been sufficient power supplied at points close to working area to avoid trialling leads?

  • Noise, is the area being monitored for excessive noise? Is suitable PPE being worn?

  • Dust, air Bourne particles, is the area likely to be heavily contaminated? Are the correct procedures in place? Can the area be avoided when these works are progressing, is PPE available?

  • House keeping, is the site tidy? Are there any potential hazards which require identifying?


  • All electrical tools and equipment, is there a current PAT test stamp visible?

  • PAT Test records, are these available?

  • Suitable 110v transformers supplied around site?

Hot Works

  • Is site operating hot works permit?

  • Storage of cylinders, is this adequate? Are all bottles stored upright?

  • Brazing Equipment. Are all gauges, hoses, flashbacks, in good condition? Please visually check equipment.

  • Fire extinguishers and blankets are these available and in date? Are y<br>These beside the equipment being used?

  • Site precautions, is site using a fire plan? Is this being followed? Is the site equipment identified and labelled accordingly?

Lifting Equipment

  • General lifting and moving equipment? Is equipment safe and certified?

  • If lift to take place out of area to the demise has local authority been made aware and planning been granted?

  • Specialist lifting services required? If so are all personnel qualified, such as banks man, operators etc?

  • Crane-age, if cranes are being used are the correct procedures being followed? <br>Method Statements in place?<br>Equipment being utilised certified?<br>Operators certified?<br>Area for lift to take place cordoned off?<br>Other trades and personnel notified of lift?<br>Permits in place?

  • Equipment/ material to be lifted has this been assessed to see if it can be broken down for easier lifting?<br>Is the equipment/material sound and in good condition?<br>Are the manufacturers lifting procedures being followed?

Permit to Work Systems

  • Hot works?

  • Electrical?

  • Confined Spaces?

  • Working at Height?

  • MEWPS?

  • Ladders?

  • Other Permits?


  • Has a COSHH assessment been carried out?

  • Are all COSHH data sheets available and displayed?

  • Are all operatives aware of Substances utilised on site?

  • Storage, all all substances stored in suitable areas with hazard signs visible?

Storage Housekeeping

  • Storage container being utilised?

  • Is storage area/container tidy? Adequate lighting with no obstructions around?

  • Cylinder cage, is this marked? Is it locked? Hazard signs with the respective hazard identified on the cage?

  • Site Housekeeping, is this satisfactory, no trailing leads, trips hazards, excavations, overhead working, all areas tidy?

  • Waste, is there sufficient waste skips provided, are these skips segregated for materials?


  • Are site conditions satisfactory, canteen facilities clean and tidy?

  • Toilet and washroom facilities are these all in working order?

  • First aid points, are thee shown and is there a nominated first aided?


  • Asbestos, is there an asbestos register present? Has there been any asbestos identified on site?

  • If there is asbestos have you been made aware of the areas so not to disturb it?


  • Are operatives aware the need to report accidents?

  • Accident book, is this displayed for all to see?

  • Near Miss reports, have any been identified? If so is corrective action being taken?

Remarks and Close out Actions

  • Item 1 By whom? When? Item 2 By whom? When? Item 3 By whom? When? Item 4 By whom? When? Item 5 By whom? When?

  • Name Signature Date

  • Copies of Inspection submitted to: Site Manager/Client/Main Contractor/File, (delete as appropriate)

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