Driving for-

  • Inspection Date/Time

Truck docs

  • Registration.

  • Vehicle Insurance current.

  • Liability Insurance for AARMAC

  • Annual inspection.

  • Annual sticker.

  • Hazmat Cert Expires 06/15

  • Owner Ops insurance.

  • AARMAC lettering.

  • IFTA License.

  • IFTA Sticker.

  • Lease agreement.

  • Tero card.

  • Truck # (Aarmac assigned).

  • Unified Carrier.

Trailer Docs

  • Registration.

  • Insurance.

  • Annual inspection.

  • Annual sticker.

  • Owner Ops Insurance.

  • AARMAC Lettering.

  • Tanker Cert.

  • Trailer #(Aarmac assigned).


  • Vehicle serviced according to schedule

  • Engine in good working condition

  • Headlights operational

  • Turn signals operational

  • Break lights operational

  • Vehicle body in good condition

  • Tires in good condition

  • Truck bed and cab clean and organized

  • Fire Extinguisher/in service?

  • Fuel Card #

  • Wheel chocks.


  • Are the placards and safety tape clean and in good condition?

  • Fire Extinguisher/in service?

  • Shovel

  • Rake.

  • Chains.

  • 50 Ft Vent Line

  • Ground cable.

  • 4" male cam / 4" male pipe

  • 4" male cam / 4" male cam

  • 4" fem cam / 4" fem cam

  • 4" male / 3" fem cam

Driver Docs.

  • License.

  • DOT Medical.

  • JSA.

  • Safety Regs/Hazmat/Emergency Respone books in truck

Driver certification.

  • H2S.

  • OSHA 10.

  • Mask fit test- Scott/Draeger

  • Clean shaven.


  • Does the driver have a current copy of the short haul exemption?

  • Are the texts for the last 7 days compliant with the short haul rule?

  • Have any grid logs been required?

  • If yes to grid logs, can the driver produce them?

  • Is the driver compliant in the When to Work system for the last calendar month?


  • Hard hat.

  • Safety glasses.

  • Steel toe boots.

  • FRs outer layer.

  • H2S monitor.

Safety Priority

  • Emergency Triangles

  • First Aid Kit

  • Winter survival kit

  • Tool kit

  • Spill kit/materials

Oil Buying Equipment Checklist

  • Tool Tray

  • Thief + Rope

  • Does the stinger function properly? (screw tightens/loosens stinger at desired measurements)

  • Woodback + Rope

  • Gauge tape + Plumb Bob

  • Is the bottom of the plumb bob in good condition?

  • Can you clearly read the measurements on the tape?

  • Is the "little joe" present and in good condition?

  • Hydrometer Case

  • 30/50 Hydrometer

  • 50/70 Hydrometer

  • Red line inside hydrometer is showing no separation.

  • 100 ml Viles X 2

  • Are the viles free of wear on tips and measurement lines?

  • Vile cleaning brush

  • True Temperature Thermometer (meat therm)

  • Is the mercury in the woodback/thermometer/hydrometer in working condition? (The mercury on woodback and hydrometers cannot be separating.)

  • Sample Bottles


  • Tank Full

  • Regulator clean and free of visable damage.

  • Harness- visably clean and damage free.

  • Facemask

H2S Monitor

  • What brand/model of monitor used?

  • Has it been calibrated in last 30 days?

  • Do you have a spare?

Driver acknowledgment and comments.

  • Driver comments

  • Signature

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