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W&D Inserter - Semi-Annual PM - Model -BB700 / Serial #200928

  • 1.) FIN grease (Aerosol)
    2.) Adhesive spray grease (FIN Grease)
    3.) Antistatic foam spray
    4.) Semi-Annual servicing after 1440 operating hours

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  • 1. Check the pneumatic components for function, damage and leaks.

  • 2. Check the electrical components for function and damage.

  • 3. Check the screw connections at drive parts and levers, retighten. If needed.

  • 4. Vacuum-clean the control cabinets.

  • 5. Check the reflective films for wear, replace if necessary.

  • 6. Check the reflectors for damage, replace if necessary.

  • 7. Check the hinged feet for tight fit, tighten if necessary.

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Envelope Feeder

  • 1. Check the vibrator for function, damage and leaks.

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Envelope Auto Loader

  • 1. Check the driving toothed belts for wear, replace if necessary.

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Gathering Section

  • 1. Control Cabinet/ Clean or vacuum-clean.

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SF2 Shuttle Feeder

  • 1. Electrical Components / Check for function & damage.

  • 2. Pneumatic Components / Check for function, damage & leaks.

  • 3. Feeder housing / Vacuum-clean.

  • 4. Screw Connections / Check for tight fit, tighten if necessary.

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