• Date and time of Inspection

Ceiling Framing

  • Verify all ceilings are framed

  • Verify Stud size/gauge as shown on cold form framing structural drawings (CF series)

  • Verify Stud spacing per CF drawings

  • Verify integrity of studs (cut-outs, notches, kinks, bends are not acceptable)

  • Verify stud walls are braced/kicked properly

  • Fire safing at shaftwall/fire rated walls head/base of wall-6/A11.40, 3/A10.66, 7/A11.40, 8/A11.90

  • Acoustic Insulation A2/A11.60, A11/A12.05, 3/A11.41, 2B/A11.41, 5/A11.60 at Boardroom, Auditorium, Elevators, Overhead Coiling Doors, Projection Room

  • Firestop track at fire rated walls

  • STC isolated track and sealant at base and head of STC rated walls

  • Vibration control hangers at the Auditorium

  • Ceiling hangers free from contact with ductwork, piping, insulation

  • Strap and Channel Hangers at 48" OC for ceilings/soffits

  • Sway bracing at soffits

  • Hilti fastner CC27ALH28 with DXKWIC for ceiling support into deck flutes

  • No stud suspended from duct, pipe, conduit or their associated supports


  • Plumbing/Piping-Correct pipe sizes and locations

  • Plumbing/Piping-Verify pipe integrity--look for gaps, cuts, gouges, holes

  • Plumbing/Piping--copper pipe supported by plastic or lined with EPDM

  • Plumbing/Piping-verify valve locations

  • Hangers--verify all connected to structure

  • Hangers-verify spacing

  • Hangers--pipes supported within 12" of 90 deg pipe bend

  • Hangers-verify support spacing at joints

  • Plumbing/Piping--verify deck penetrations are sealed

  • Plumbing/Piping--verify fire rated wall penetrations are installed per specifications

  • Plumbing/Piping--confirm all pipe has passed hydrostatic testing

  • Plumbing/Piping-city inspections performed and signed-off

  • Fire Protection head drops in correct locations

  • Fire Protection pipe integrity (damaged pipe is unacceptable)

  • Fire Protection-correct pipe type for application--pre-action versus standard

  • HVAC--Correct duct sizes and locations

  • HVAC-Verify location and size of fire/smoke dampers

  • HVAC-Verify integrity of ducts and supports (cuts, bends, damage are unacceptable)

  • HVAC--Verify Location of VAV boxes and diffusers

  • Wall penetrations--verify firecaulk at pipe and duct through walls

  • Insulation installed completely

  • Insulation--exposed ends covered in mastic


  • Examine conduit for damage (crimping, improper bends, etc)

  • All conduit installed and wire pulled

  • Grommets for fire alarm provided

  • Verify rough-in for fire alarm

  • Verify conduit supported per specifications

  • Verify unused openings in junction boxes are plugged

  • Verify rough-in to poke throughs

  • Confirm city inspections have been performed and signed-off

Steel/Misc. Metals

  • Fireproofing at structural steel patched

  • Supports for equipment installed

Exterior/Interior Walls--Polyurethane Insulation

  • Spray around roof drains completed

  • Spray up to roof vapor barrier completed

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