Emergency procedures in place and training provided to staff / volunteers

Residents are aware of emergency procedures

Fire exit signs at all exits and in working order

Fire exits are accessible and clear of obstacles

Fire exits unlocked during work hours

Fire fighting equipment regularly serviced and date noted

Fire fighting equipment is appropriate for the conditions and exposures

Fire fighting equipment located appropriate to risk

Fire fighting equipment easily accessible

Fire blankets provided where appropriate

Fire drills carried out in accordance with Emergency Evacuation Plan (EEP)

Fire hoses if provided are checked regularly and well maintained

Smoke detectors and alarms in working order

Access and egress paths clear

Assembly area for emergency evacuations clearly marked

First aid

First aid signs clearly visible

First aid kit accessible and clearly marked

First aid kit is complete and items are within use by date

Register of Injuries booklet from current insurer available

Gloves used for treatment of all injuries


Adequate locks on all external doors

Adequate locks on all external windows

Keys are registered and records kept of who is holding them

Alarm system working

Vandal resistant security lights illuminate building perimeter

Security lights can be set to automatically activate and deactivate or motion sensitive

Staff and volunteers working after dark have parking available in area close to building entrance

Emergency communication such as duress alarm or intercom accessible

Security screens for windows and doors able to be opened from inside

Signs and physical barriers to indicate out of bounds areas

Signs evident to indicate security measures are in place

Restricted access to objects that could be potential weapons or missiles

Areas where an aggressor could hide identified

Emergency telephone numbers displayed at every phone

Safe haven where staff and volunteers can retreat to and access a phone

Safe room has door with handle that can be pulled closed and double locked

Exit from safe room other than entry door available

Public areas restricted to one entrance at night

There is visual access to outside of external doors ie view hole, glass panel or close circuit camera

General area

Entrances, doorways, stairs and walkways kept clear

No gaps at bottom of external doors

Stairwells and exits well illuminated

Stair treads in good condition

Slip resistant strips on edge of steps

Good visual contrast between steps

Minimal variation between step height and step depth

Floors even, no holes or cracks

Floor coverings clean and in good repair

Wet floor signs available and used by staff

Accessible light switches

Lighting adequate and operational

Overhead lights shielded to minimise glare

Lighting suitable for work tasks

Lighting for vision adjustment from sunlight to indoors

Task lighting provided for detailed work

Temperature is comfortable

Air conditioning filters cleaned regularly

Ventilation is adequate

Area is free from odours, fumes and particles

Noise level is acceptable/adequately controlled

Noisy equipment enclosed or isolated

Equipment regularly maintained

Handrails present, safe and secure and appropriate height

Cords secured and clear of walkways

No frayed or defective leads

Electrical equipment tested, tagged and safe

Records kept of inspections

Electrical switches/sockets/plugs located in safe place and free from obvious defects (no loose covers, broken fittings, signs of overheating)

Power tools, extension leads and power boards located and maintained in safe condition (check for damaged insulation, water leaks, burn marks, bent or loose pins or fittings)

Adequate number of power points for appliances in use (avoid double adapters and piggy-backing)

Switchboards and electrical equipment in safe working condition

Main and isolating switches clearly visible

Earth leakage protection installed

Furniture safe and undamaged

Work areas are clean and tidy

Materials and equipment stored appropriately

Floors in storage areas free from rubbish and packing

Storage designed to minimise manual handling

Staff and volunteers provided with personal protective equipment for cleaning eg disposable gloves, PPE - masks, goggles, aprons, booties

Appropriate container provided for disposing of sharps

Procedures in place to ensure that any accidental spills or leakages are immediately cleaned up

PPE provided and worn if required

House rules displayed and followed

Visitors aware of house rules

Residents aware of curfew times and adhere to them

Privacy for clients and staff ie not having TV and stereo in same room

Housekeeping adequate


Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all hazardous substances

Hazardous substance register kept

Chemicals disposed of correctly

Chemicals are clearly labeled

Locked cupboard/drawer for hazardous substances

Staff and volunteers instructed in correct use of hazardous substances and provided with protective equipment if necessary

Fire extinguishers located close to chemical storage

Facilities to deal with spills or splash injuries are close


Kitchen safety rules displayed and followed

Suitable eating facilities available

Anti-slip floor surfaces

Floor/area free from water and being wet

Drains (floor and sink) clear and free flowing

Taps free from drips

Fridge clean, good condition

Microwave clean and maintained

Oven/stove safe and clean

Exhaust fans over cooking units are clean

Work benches clean

Knives and other sharp instruments stored appropriately

No broken items

No sharp edges

Gloves are used for food handling

Food is stored appropriately ie refrigerated if fresh

Stock stored appropriately

Area free from pests or evidence thereof


Adequate toilets for male/female

Toilet suitable for people with disability

Facilities cleaned regularly

Facilities well ventilated

Hand wash, single use hand towels / dryers provided

Sanitary bins provided

Floor/area free from water and being wet


Electrical equipment tested and tagged and current

Lighting operating as designed

Floor/area free from water and being wet

Dryer filter clean


Emergency entrance and exits clear, well lit and clearly marked

Entrances / steps in good order

Steps and changes of level clearly defined

Anti-slip surfaces, fungus build-up treated

Continuous clear accessible pathways ie no barriers

Adequate and operational illumination of walkways, stairways and ramps

No raised curbs or changes in pathways

External surfaces free of holes and projections

Seating available and safe

Tables safe and clean

Waste and cigarette butt bins available and emptied regularly

Washing line safe and in good condition

Boundary fences, walls and gates safe and secure without gaps and protrusions

Overhead structures safe and secure

Gardens in good order - debris, fallen branches removed, lawns mown regularly

Gardens free of sharp objects (broken glass, metal, wood splinters, needles etc)

Landscaping provides minimal hiding places

Well drained areas to prevent flooding and pooling of water

Drainage grates in good order

Childproof locks fitted to gates where required

Adequate protection from sun provided

Sunscreen is accessible for staff and clients

Staff are encouraged to wear hats and other protective clothing when working outside

Emergency and service vehicle parking designated and given priority

Disabled parking designated and given priority

Surface of parking area and driveways free from potholes, cracks and other trip hazards

'No parking' area signs

Potential vehicle damage areas, corners, guard rails and entrances effectively marked

Direction of traffic well defined

Traffic and speed restriction signs clearly defined and free from obstructions

Intersections and pedestrian areas identified

BBQ area

Cooking area clean and free from waste/rubbish

Area around BBQ free of grease

BBQ safe and in good condition

Gas supply secured to gad cooker/heater


Lighting adequate and operational

Temperature is comfortable

Area is free from odours

Noise level is acceptable/adequately controlled

Ventilation is adequate

Adequate space between furniture

Desk is uncluttered

Frequently used items are within easy reach

Desk is correct height for work performed

Document holder provided for continuous keying work

Sufficient leg room under desk

VDU screen is at correct height

Keyboard and mouse are positioned correctly in front of user

Computer chair is height adjustable and backrest adjustable

Chair adjusted for person using it

Furniture safe and undamaged

Filing cabinets/cupboards stable or secured to walls to prevent tipping

Files stored securely and appropriately

Secure cupboards or drawers for staff and volunteers to keep personal possessions

Photocopier in a well ventilated location away from workers when possible

Phone connections nearby

Cables are secured behind work surface

Electrical equipment tested, tagged and safe

Electrical switches/sockets in good condition

Drug and alcohol policy displayed and implemented


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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.