• Care Plan For:

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

Personal Details

Your Personal Details

  • Full Name inc. Title:

  • Preferred name:

  • Date of Birth:

  • Address:
  • Mobile Telephone Number:

  • Preferred Language:

Next of Kin Details

  • Name:

  • Address:
  • Home Telephone Number:

  • Work Telephone Number:

  • Mobile Telephone Number:

  • Relationship to you:

Emergency Contact Details - (if different from Next Of Kin)

  • Name:

  • Relationship to you:

  • Home Number:

  • Mobile Number:

GP Details

  • GP Name:

  • Surgery Name:

  • Surgery Address:
  • Telephone Number:

  • Out of Hours Telephone Number:

Social Worker

  • Name:

  • Address:
  • Telephone Number:

  • Out of Hours Telephone:

About You and Your Life History

About You and Your Life History

  • Note: Consider things such as Birth Place, Growing Up, Work, Family, Relationships, Significant Dates, Interests/Hobbies, TV Programs, Books/Papers, Food & Drink likes/Dislikes):

Medical and Medication

Medical and Medication Information

  • Known Allergies

  • Medical History

  • Current Types of Medication (Consideration MUST be given to the type of Medication and level of Staff Interaction as some Medication Types and Administration Methods will require 'Specialist Training')

  • List ALL Current Medications: (see MAR Sheet for details etc.)

  • Medication Dispensing:

Medication & Medical Needs

  • Does the Service User Self Medicate?

  • Are Staff Required To have involvement with Service User Medication?

  • What Level of Input will be required by Staff?

  • Does any Medication Assistance require Staff to have 'Specialist Training'?

  • Specialist Training Requirements:

  • Are there any 'Special' Training Requirements as per Local Authority?

  • Local Authority Requirements:

  • Is a MAR Chart in Place and Ready for use?


  • Difficulties taking Medication e.g. Swallowing, Spilling Liquid Meds etc?

  • Details of any Difficulties:

  • Does Management of Prescribed or Un-Prescribed Medication(s) have 'Potential' to Cause Risk?

  • Details of any Potential Risks:

  • Is All Appropriate Documentation On File? e.g. MAR Sheets, Controlled Drugs Records, Disposal Forms etc.

  • Any Relevant Notes or Information:

  • Are there any 'Controlled Drugs' on the premises?

  • Are they Adequately Stored?

  • Details of Storage Improvement Requirements:

  • Is a 'Consent to Treatment' Form required? (Mental Health)


Skin Care

Skin Care and Pressure Care

  • Are there any Skin Care Concerns at this time?

  • Describe Skin Care Routine and Clearly Mark on 'Body Chart':

  • Skin Care Products to use:

  • Are there any Pressure Care issues at this time?


  • Describe in detail the Pressure Care Routine to use:

  • What pressure Care Aids are to be used?

  • Is a 'Turns Monitoring' Form Required?

  • Has the Turns Monitoring form been Completed and included with the Care Plan?

Sight - Hearing - Communication

Sight - Hearing - Communication

  • Service Users Sight is:

  • Does the Service User Wear Glasses?

  • Glasses required:

  • Other Relevant Information: (contact lenses etc)

  • Service Users Hearing is:

  • Is a Hearing Aid or Hearing Device Used?

  • Details of Devices Used by Service User:

  • Service Users Levels of Verbal Communication and Conversation are:

  • Do they Respond Well to YES / NO Type Questions?

  • What other types of Communication can be used? (Picture/Note Pad/Sign etc)

Existing Support

What Existing Care / Support do you Currently Receive?

  • Details of any Existing Care / Support you currently receive: (name of person/organisation - contact details inc address - type of Care/ Support and days/times)

Mobility and Dexterity

Mobility and Dexterity

  • Able to Walk Unaided?

  • Requires the use of the following items:

  • Is there a Risk relating to any of the Mobility Aids?


  • Able to Go Out Alone? (If NO give details)

  • Will Staff be required to assist the Service User on External Activities?

  • Please Complete an 'EXTERNAL RISK ASSESSMENT' Form for all external activities

  • Has the Service User 'Fallen' in the Past 12 months?

  • Record Details and complete a 'Falls Risk Assessment' Form

  • Are you able to answer the Door to Allow Care Staff In?

  • Details of how Care Staff will Gain Entry to the Premises: (e.g. Key Safe, Key Holding, someone present etc)


Showering / Bathing / Washing / Grooming

  • Service User Prefers:

  • Service User is:

  • Bathing Risk Assessment Completed?

  • Details of Preferred Frequency & Day / Time:

  • Showering / Bathing Aids:

  • Details of Other:

  • Details of Preferred Toileteries:

  • Hair Care:

  • Service User is:

  • Hair Dresser Frequency and Details:

  • Facial Hair

  • Service User Prefers:

  • Details of Other:

  • Shaving Frequency and Details:

  • Details of any Other Hair Removal Requirements:

  • Oral Hygiene Routine

  • Own Teeth:

  • Details of Teeth:

  • Dentures:

  • Details of Dentures:

  • At Night, Dentures are to be:

  • Foot Care

  • Service User is:

  • Details of Foot Care Routines & any Specialist Treatment:

Dressing / Undressing

Dressing and Undressing Requirements

  • Service User is:

  • Details of All Assistance Required:

Continence Needs

Continence Requirements

  • Toileting Regime:

  • Toileting Aids:

  • Bladder Management

  • Service User is:

  • Management Aids:

  • Details of Incontinence:

  • Details of Specific Toilet Times / Routines / Aids use:

  • Bowel Management

  • Service User is:

  • Management Aids:

  • Details of Incontinence:

  • Details of Specific Toilet Times / Routines:

Eating and Drinking

Eating and Drinking Requirements

  • Are there any Enteral (PEG/NGT) Feeding Requirements?

  • Give detailed information as to requirements:

  • Prefers to have Meals in their:

  • Give Detail of Other:

  • For Eating, the Service User is:

  • Service User is:

  • Type of Diet is:

  • Is there a requirement for a 'Special Diet'?

  • Details of 'Special Diet'

  • Are there any foods the Service User SHOULD NOT Consume?

  • Give full details of food items the Service User may not consume and reasons why:

  • Is there a requirement for and specific Eating Aids?

  • Give Full Details:

  • For Drinking, the Service User is:

  • Do they have a 'Preferred' drink?

  • Details of Drinks:

  • Is there a requirement to use a 'Thickener' ?

  • Details of Thickener required:

  • Are any 'Drinking Aids' required?

  • Give Details of Drinking Aids:

Domestic Needs

Domestic Needs - Meals and Meal Preperation

  • For Preparing / Cooking / Heating Meals, the Service User is:

  • Are there any known Food Allergies:

  • Give details of foods to avoid:

  • Details of Preferred Meals and Times:

  • For preparing Drinks, the Service User is:

  • Details of Preferred Drinks and Times:

Domestic Needs - Housework

  • Will Staff be required to undertake General Cleaning duties?

  • Details all Cleaning duties:

Domestic Needs - Beds

  • Will Staff be required to make / change beds?

  • Details of Routine and Requirements:

Domestic Needs - Laundry

  • Will Staff be required to undertake Laundry duties?

  • Details of Routine / Detergents / Drying etc.

Domestic Needs - Shopping

  • Will Staff be required to undertake Shopping duties?

  • Is a 'Financial Record' form in place?

  • Details of Shopping Requirements inc. Days / Times / Locations etc:

Sleeping and Settling

Sleeping and Settling Requirements

  • Usual Time to Rise:

  • Usual Time to Bed:

  • Daytime Rest Routine:

  • Preferred Sleeping Position:

  • Preferences for Bed Coverings / Pillows etc.

  • Sleeping Aids:

  • Sleeping Aids Details:

  • Room Preferences:

  • Night Time Patterns:(e.g. Wanders/Talks/Shouts etc.)

  • Details of any Night Time Checks Required:



  • Does the Service User manage their own finances

  • Contact details for Finance Management:

  • Have they made any Advanced Decisions?

  • Contact details of responsible Person:

  • Have they prepared a Will?

  • Contact details of responsible Person:

Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

  • Do you have any Emotional Wellbeing or Mental Health considerations?

  • Relevant Details:

  • Do identified Mental Health considerations have potential to cause a risk?

  • Who is at Risk?

  • Give Full Details:

  • Do identified Emotional Wellbeing considerations have potential to cause a risk?

  • Who is at Risk?

  • Give Full Details:

  • Has a 'Triggers and Precipitating Factors' form been completed

  • Is there a risk of 'Wandering'?

  • Is a Full Risk Assessment and Management Plan completed?

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