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General work place

  • Are floors in good condition, free from slip trip hazards

  • Are walkways clean and free from slip trip hazards

  • Is floor cleaning equipment readily available for clearing spillages

  • Are work stations organised so that it allows user to operate safely

  • Are workplace transport procedures being observed

  • Are correct waste segregation protocols being followed

  • Has all waste been placed in the skip area

Fire & Emergency Provisions

  • Are fire exits clear of obstructions

  • Are combustible materials stored a minimum 5 meters away from the building

  • Are fire extinguishers kept free from obstruction, in their correct storage location, undamaged, fully laden and in date

  • Are emergency spill kits present and suitably stocked

  • Are fire alarm call points free from obstruction

  • Fire Assembly point known to all on site?

  • Date of last fire drill

  • Date of Last Spill Drill

  • Is all confined spaces equipment in good order and ready for use?

  • If confined spaces is being carried out is it being completed as per SSOW procedures.


  • Is hi vis vest been worn by staff and visitors where appropriate

  • Are welding shields in good condition and being worn where required?

  • Is safety footwear being worn and soles in good condition

  • Are safety gloves being worn and in good condition?

  • Is hearing protection being worn in mandatory areas?

Manual & Mechanical Handling

  • Are good manual handling techniques being observed

  • Are manual handling aids being used as provided for

  • Are overhead cranes being used correctly

  • Has all lifting equipment received a thorough examination

Equipment & Machinery

  • Is all equipment in good working order

  • Is the area around machinery, clean, clear and in good order

  • Are all fixed guards secured with only approved means

  • Are interlocks functioning as they should - machine stops when open

  • Are all control panels locked and secure

  • Are all electrical sockets in good order

  • Are their any trailing or damaged cables

  • Are there any sharp edges on equipment

  • Are there any damaged emergency stop buttons

  • Are there any damaged isolation switches

  • Are there any compressed air leaks

  • If there is machinery being cleaned has isolation & lock off been implemented correctly

Hazardous substances

  • Are substances stored and secured to prevent unauthorised use

  • Are containers used for decanting displaying same label as original container

  • Are the substances stored on bund tray?

  • Are spill kits readily available for the type of substance on site?


  • Are welding screens in place

  • are welding overalls being worn

  • Are welding gauntlets being worn

  • Are welding masks in good condition and being used


  • Is there means of heating food & drinking water available in the canteen

  • Is the canteen clean and tidy

  • Are lockers provided for personal clothing and equipment

  • Are toilet facilities areas kept clean and acceptable

Racking & general storage

  • Racking system secure & undamaged

  • Base protection in place & un damaged

  • Loading signs in place and being observed

  • Pallets stable and secure

  • Empty pallets stacked securely and stable

  • Damaged racking isolated and warning signs in place


  • Are forklifts in good working order and fitted with audible alarm and flashing beacon

  • Are forklifts being operated by trained and competent personel

  • is a record of thorough examination available for the forklift

Lifting Equipment

  • Are cranes inspected and tested with records on file?

  • Are cranes in good working order?

  • Are those using cranes trained and competent?

  • Are Slings and Chains Tested and Inspected?

  • Are loads being slung in the correct manner?

The templates available in our Public Library have been created by our customers and employees to help get you started using SafetyCulture's solutions. The templates are intended to be used as hypothetical examples only and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice. You should seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of a template is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction. You should independently determine whether the template is suitable for your circumstances.