1.1 Administration/Customer Service Staff Numbers

  • Total Administration Staff

  • Administration Manager

  • Operations/Call Centre Staff

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Sales Admin

  • Runsheet Operators

  • Council Admin

  • Other Admin - Please list

1.2 Family Relationships

  • Names: Duties:

  • Names: Duties:

  • Names: Duties:

1.3. Administration Team Briefs - SBMP 04.02

  • Are Administration Team Briefs conducted at least every 6 months as per the IMS Wall Planner?
    Note: Check the last 2 team briefs only.

  • Have all staff signed the team brief, including staff that may have been away the day of the team brief.

  • Were all issues raised by staff actioned, signed off, or carried forward?

  • Have the team briefs been signed by the Session Leader?

  • Has a copy of the latest team brief been placed on the staff Notice board?

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1.4. Staff Accounts

  • Ensure all staff have their own account set up with "Staff" then Employee name and they are being paid with 30 days with no unusual credit transactions?

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1.5 Cash Sales Accounts

  • Are Cash Sales accounts still used at the Depot and what are the customer numbers?

  • What are the Cash Sales Accounts used for eg, general accts, uniforms, skip?

  • Who manages the reconciliations of these accounts and is there a procedure to ensure payments are recovered?

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2.1 Induction Checklist Administration and Corporate - SBMP-07.01.06

  • Have all these requirements been uploaded to LMS for all Admin Staff. Check and list at least 3 staff
    WR-GEN-400 Admin/CorporateWork Rules
    SBMP 10.17A IPAR Manual Handlig
    SBMP 10.17B Workstations Ergonomic Assessment
    TRN 17.01-01 Fitness for work
    SBMP 07.01-01 Site Orientation
    TRN 07.01-03 General Induction
    TRN 01.01-01 IMS Overview
    Section 16.08 IT Communication Policy
    TRN 14.01-02 Fire& Emergency (site)
    Drivers Licence

  • Is there a site-specific training register/matrix in place to illustrate staff cross-training and is this up to date?

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3.1 Kronos/Payroll - SWI-GEN-470-01

  • Who keys payroll for the site?

  • Has the person who keys payroll read SWI-GEN-470-01, and signed a document acknowledgement form?

  • If Payroll for Drivers is being entered by Administration, are employee schedules set up in Kronos?

  • How often are the employee schedules reviewed by Management?

  • If there is a difference between clock in and out times against the Schedule, what is the process of confirming start and finish times?

  • If the person entering the Payroll has hours entered into Kronos, are their hours being approved in Kronos by a Manager?

  • If entering times for Drivers, is the Operations Manager either approving through Kronos or approving weekly report?

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3.2 Work Cover Claims

  • How are you advised of staff on work cover to ensure pay codes are entered correctly?

  • Are all Work Cover claims filed independently from other personnel files?

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3.3 Commissions

  • Is there a documented commission structure. Note: This should be dated and signed by the Depot Manager or Sales Manager

  • Are commissions paid exclusive of GST?

  • Who is the back up to calculate commissions if the staff member who usually does them is away?

  • What process do you have to compare commissions paid against Kronos?

  • Do Reps sign-off on their commissions that they agree with the payment being made?

  • Which reps were reviewed?

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3.4 Driver Bonus

  • Is there a Driver Bonus Scheme in Place?

  • Ask the person responsible for bonus if they are aware of the requirement a driver is to meet to maintain their bonus as per SBMP-11.14-01, Attendance/Paperwork/Overloads & Fatigue/Vehicle Upkeep/Personal Appearance/Customer Complaints/Attitude and Incidents.

  • Is the Bonus Assessment form being used SBMP 11.14-01? Note: Only required to be filled out when bonus is declined or reduced.

  • Is the bonus scheduler being used?

  • Are minimum performance levels being met for Driver to maintain his bonus. Note: Check the bonus of 2 Drivers who have had a recent incident to ensure that Driver has lost his bonus based on 10% of the accident cost. Ask the Run Sheet keyer for a Driver that continues to make mistakes with paperwork and check the Driver has lost his bonus for the week for not maintaining his paperwork.

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4.1 Service Agreements Note: Run audit report of last 300 agreements - Audit Report/Operational/Customer/Recent Customer List for Site Audit

  • Are manual Service Agreement books being used and for what purpose?

  • Check any recent manual service agreements for signatures and dates on front & back pages.

  • Check minimum of 10 agreements that an ABN has been given and is not a deregistered company - www.abr.business.gov.au.

  • Are manual agreements filed in a fire proof cabinet or is there a 2nd agreement filed at another location?

  • From the audit report are there any Errors/omissions of ABN numbers for companies?

  • From the audit report check a minimum of 10 electronic agreements to ensure that it contains a signature for service and terms and conditions?

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4.2 Breach Of Contract - SWI-GEN-402-27

  • Who manages the Breach of Contract overall process?

  • List any Breach of Contract Files in Progress

  • Is the Breach of Contract procedure being followed? Ensure account is on Contract Stop.

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4.3 Marketing Giveaways - SWI-GEN-445-01

  • Are all marketing items stored in a secure location and stock used effectively, e.g. No left over calendars after year end.

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5.1 Run Sheets (Paper) SWI-GEN-407-04- Printing Runsheet, SWI-GEN-407-05 Re-Ordering Runsheet, SWI-GEN-10 Preparing to Key Runsheet, SWI-GEN-407-21 Keying Runsheet- Frontlift & Wheelie Bin SWI-GEN-407-22 Keying Runsheet - Roro, SWI-GEN-407-30 Runsheet Keying Anomolies Report

  • Are there any outstanding runsheets? If so what are the reasons for outstanding runsheets and who is managing these?

  • Check runsheets to review data entry. Ensure non-service codes are keyed, truck stats and fuel data errors are keyed and docket numbers are transferred accurately. Check maximum of 20 runs including RORO/Liquid, Frontlift & Wheeled Bins.

  • Are you happy with the quality of data provided to Admin for keying?

  • Are JJR green dockets being written out unnecessarily. If customer does not require a dkt, you do not need to write one out.

  • Are Waste Receiver schedules reviewed?

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5.2 Run Sheets (JTrack)

  • Is the Depot using Commercial JTrack?

  • How many and what type of vehicles are using JTrack?

  • Check sample of runsheets to review data entries. Ensure non service codes are keyed, truck stats and fuel data errors are keyed and docket numbers are transferred accurately. Check maximum of 20 runs including RoRo/Liquid, Frontlift & Wheeled Bins.
    How many runsheets were reviewed?

  • Is a process in place for data capture in the event of truck computer failure?

  • How are foreign bins managed?

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5.3 Daily Fuel Record Sheet FRM-GEN-144-1

  • Is form FRM-GEN-144-1 being used for Utes, Forklifts or any other vehicles not on runsheets and is this information being entered timely into truck stats ?

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5.4 Bulk Fuel Tanks WP-GEN-144 Fuel Inventory Control & Reconciliation, SWI-GEN-144-1 Tank Dipping FRM-GEN-144-2 Daily Fuel Movement Log

  • Is the daily fuel movement log used? If not how is the reconciliation being done?

  • Review reconciliation for variances and corrective actions.

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5.5 Scrapped Industrial Bin Report SBMP 9.2-7

  • Who decides what Industrial Bins, Compactors, Skips should be scrapped and is the form SBMP 9.2-7 completed and forwarded to finance?

  • What procedure is in place to ensure that funds are received? Does Operations notify Admin that they are to expect a cheque or EFT refund?

  • Has a destruction certificate been provided or is there a standing letter or evidence that bins are being destroyed?

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6.1 GEN-129-2 Domestic Run Review Report (DRRR), GEN-129-2 Domestic Run Review Report

  • Is the site using Domestic JTrack?

  • Check Council run sheets DRRR from DCMS, JTrack, DRS for data accuracy and clarity.

  • Is a process in place for data capture in the event of truck computer failure?

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6.2 New Council Domestic Customers

  • If you have a new request from council, how do you know it is included in the contract?

  • Ask the relevant person how to add a new service to the council vouchers and how the bin gets to the customer.

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6.3 Council Bins - Domestic & Commercial

  • If you are in control of Council Whb & Steel Bins at your site, how often are stocktakes conducted?

  • When was the last stocktake of bins done?

  • Who decides to order new bins? (Whb, Steel)

  • Is there a process for receipting of bins - count, damage, shortage, sign, name & contact details?

  • Is there a inventory control process in place?

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7.1 Audit Report - Operational-Agreement/Sales Tablet-Agents Agreement Status, Audit Report - Operational-EPA Report Review, SBMP FRM-GEN-127-01 EWTS dockets, SWI-GEN-479-01,479-02,479-03,479-04,479-05,479-06

  • Are all regulated waste runsheets keyed for the previous calendar month? If there are any outstanding runsheets identify the reason why.

  • Are there any manual waste tracking certificates being used at this Depot? Who is responsible for managing these and what is the verification process

  • Are EWTS dockets being used at this Depot?

  • Is there a current Agent Agreement for each customer? Run Audit Report to Review

  • Do these customers have services set up in Customer Maintenance to match the Agents agreement? Review at least 10 from Audit report.

  • Who manages the expired Agent Agreements?

  • Have Waste Receiver Agent Agreements been created in Delta and uploaded to the Intranet? Review Audit Report

  • How frequently is the EPA Report Reviewed and who is responsible?

  • Who is responsible for creating, reviewing and sending the EPA CSV file to DEHP?

  • What is the process for managing discrepancies and exceptions at Depot?

  • Review saved file for any anomolies.

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8.1 Electronic Purchasing

  • Is the new Electronic Purchase order program being used by Workshop staff?

  • Are purchase orders being raised unnecessarily? Note: Purchase orders should not be raised after the fact to simply match an already received invoice. It is always preferable to have an approved PO before any purchase, but in some instances, such as weekly tyre service when it is an unknown quantity, it is acceptable to code and sign the invoice for payment.

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8.2 Purchasing WP-GEN-217

  • Does a designed person exist to receive incoming goods? (Add the name)

  • Does the designated person tick and sign the order/packing slip as having received the goods, checking quality, quantity, damage and for credits?

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8.3 Part Requisition Form FRM-GEN-217-01

  • Is FRM-GEN-217-01 Parts Requisition Form being used by outlying Depots?

  • Is this form being ticked off as goods are received in or is a list being generated from the electronic purchasing system to check on what parts have not been delivered?

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8.4 Fleet Service Schedule WP-GEN-201-11

  • Who is responsible for managing the Fleet Service Scheduler? (Add the name)

  • Is the Schedule up to date?

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8.5 NHVAS Maintenance Management Vehicle Register WP-GEN-290-1(a), Daily Tally Form FRM-GEN-290-05

  • Is the NHVAS Scheme applicable to this Depot.

  • Who is responsible for maintaining the Daily Tally Form?

  • Is the Daily Tally Form procedure WP-GEN-290 being followed?

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9.1 SWI-GEN-401-13 Preparing Batches for Keying, SWI-GEN-401-9 Keying Invoices, SWI-GEN-401-16 Reconciling Statements, SWI-GEN-401-14 Searching for Vendors, SWI-GEN-401-08 Setting up Vendors, SWI-GEN-401-11 EFT Reports, SWI-GEN-401-12 Cheque Run, SWI-GEN-401-03 Authorised Signatures, FRM-GEN-401-3 Authorised Signatures, FRM-GEN-401-07 Prompt Payment, SWI-GEN-401-07 Prompt, Statement or 30Day Vendor Report, SWI-GEN-415-03 End of Day - Creditors (Accounts Payable)

  • What process is in place for data entry of creditors invoices?

  • Do staff have a copy of the authorised signatory list?

  • Are staff only signing invoices for their area of concern? example: The Admin Manager is not signing for the purchase of tyres.

  • Are Purchase order only being raised for necessary items? Not being raised for Utilities, Regos, Milk, Disposal etc.

  • Who is responsible for checking and managing end of day Creditors process? Are batches stapled together with adding strip and filed?

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9.2 SWI-GEN-3.1-1 Supplier Subcontractor Registration, SBMP 3.1-4 Subcontractor Preselection Questionnaire, SBMP 3.1-5 Critical Document Request Letter, SBMP 3.1-6 Supplier Subcontractor Register.

  • Is the Supplier Sub Contractor Register Up to Date? If not, what is the process to follow up and ensure updated?

  • Are you still using High Risk Suppliers that have expired Critical Documents?

  • Rating

9.3. Subcontractor Invoicing and On-charging.(External Sub Co-Contractors)

  • For what purpose would you use a Sub Contractor? What Services?

  • Is there a process to ensure that the invoice from the sub contractors are on-charged to a JJR customer account?

  • Review the Subcontractor invoices to ensure the on charge amount and customer number is noted on the invoice. Has the Data Entry been captured accurately?

  • Is the on charged amount more than the invoiced cost? If not, has this been approved by the Depot Manager?

  • Rating

9.4. Internal JJR Subcontractors (JJR employed staff)

  • List the number of drivers and truck types that are subcontractors?

  • Do they have a current Subcontractor agreement and payment structure in place?

  • What procedure is in place to manage and reconcile payment for accuracy?

  • Rating

9.5. Subcontractor External RCTI Invoicing and Reconciliation

  • Do you have any customers that pay via RCTI? Who?

  • What procedure is in place to manage and reconcile payment for accuracy?

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10.1 SWI-GEN-402-8 Direct Debit Request, FRM-GEN-402-8 Direct Debit Request, SWI-GEN-402-15 Unsuccessful Direct Debit Bank Account Payments, SWI-GEN-402-16 Unsuccessful Direct Debit Credit Card Payments, SWI-GEN-402-17 Updating Direct Debit Details, Audit Reports-Transactions-Direct Debit/Credit Card Transactions/Details-Direct Debit Payment Forecast.

  • Ensure all forms are captured and checked independently for data entry accuracy with signatures.

  • Are all Direct Debit request forms accounted for? Check a minimum of 20 against Audit Summary Report.

  • Where are forms stored? Should be kept in a locked location.

  • Has the Unsuccessful Direct Debit Bank Account and Credit Card process been completed?

  • Rating

10.2 SWI-GEN-402-6 Bad Debts, FRM-GEN-402-6 Customer Accounts-Bad Debts, SWI-GEN-402-25 Writing Off Credit Balances-Customer Invoices

  • Check a minimum of 5 bad debt forms to ensure they conform to the Bad Debt procedure.

  • Ensure write-offs have an explanation in notes to the account.

  • Rating

10.3 SWI-GEN-402-28 Accounts Receivable Reconciliation, SWI-GEN-402-26 Accounts Receivable Queries, SWI-GEN-402-29 Overdue Fee, SWI-GEN-402-18 Referring New Debts to CMA, SWI-GEN-402-20 Status Check on Accounts with CMA, SWI-GEN-402-19 Debt Recovery Charges from Agency, SWI-GEN-402-23 Payment Plans, SWI-GEN-402-24 Suspend Overdue Actions, SWI-GEN-402-31 Accounts Receivable Collection Calls, SWI-GEN-402-05 Refund Cheque, FRM-GEN-402-05 Customer Refunds

  • Are the Bounceback Report customers being contacted?

  • Is the Whitelisting Procedure being provided to customers? Ask a number of staff in Customer Service if they know what the White Listing Procedure is.

  • Are customers being handed over to Collection Agency and is the procedure being followed?

  • Is the depot meeting monthly Overdue targets?

  • Targets met in the past 6 months - refer branch overdue targets vs actual (Commercial)

  • Targets met in the past 6 months - refer branch overdue targets vs actual (Mines)

  • Rating

10.4 FRM-GEN-402-10 Debit Credit Adjustments, SWI-GEN-402-32 Credit Request Procedure, SWI-GEN-402-33 Electronic Credit Request Approvals, SWI-GEN-402-10 Manual Credit Preparation and Keying, SBMP SWI-GEN-402-04 Transfer of Funds

  • On review of the 'Generated Credit Transaction Listing', are there any credits processed outside of the electronic Credit Request System?

  • If so, were these manual credits authorised and checked after data capture?

  • Date range checked?

  • Quantity checked?

  • Is the Transfer of Funds function being used at this Depot? If so review minimum of 2

  • Rating

11. Rebates

11.1 Steel

  • Who do you give steel rebates too? JJR or Customer?

  • How are funds received and are these banked into JJR bank account or Customer Account?

  • When rebates are received are these signed off by a Manager for authorisation?

  • Rating

11.2 Plastic

  • Who do you give plastic rebates too? JJR or Customer?

  • How are funds received and are these banked into JJR bank account or Customer Account?

  • When rebates are received are these signed off by a Manager for authorisation.

  • Rating

11.3 Rebates - Oil

  • Does the Depot or the customer receive an oil rebate?

  • If JJR is receiving a rebate is this being reconciled against an internal account? List the customer number?

  • Rating

11.4 Rebates - Cardboard/Paper SWI-GEN-477-26 Reconciliations - Rebates, SWI-GEN-477-27 Rebate Dockets - Adding, SWI-GEN-477-28 Rebate Docket - Editing, SWI-GEN-477-29 Rebate Docket - Deleting, SWI-GEN-477-30 Edit Reconciliation View - Rebate.

  • What process is in place to let Admin know that cardboard has been despatched from the baler and to expect payment?

  • Is Delta being used to capture cardboard rebates for customers?

  • Rating

12. MRF Income

12.1 FRM-GEN-812-1 Daily Received/Despatched Form

  • What process is in place to manage the incoming and outgoing material into the MRF

  • What type of products are despatched?

  • What is the processes of managing income received for product and exports and associated costs?

  • Have a look at a number of accounts and how income is being recorded. Are you happy with the way that all information is being captured?

  • Rating

13. Manual/Sundry Invoicing

13.1 SWI-GEN-402-07, FRM-GEN-402-7 Sundry Invoice

  • Is regular Manual or Out of Cycle Invoicing being done at the Depot?

  • List the customer numbers and reasons for non standard invoicing

  • Is the current IMS template being used?

  • Rating


14.1 Telephone Administration WP-GEN-441

  • Are all staff answering calls following the general guidelines of "Welcome to JJ Richards, this is ...."?

  • Are all staff talking at a pace the customer is able to understand ie not too fast?

  • How many staff did you observe?

  • Rating

14.2 Email Enquires

  • Who at the Depot manages customer email enquires?

  • Are email enquires being answered in a reasonable time frame and in a professional manner? Review the past 10 enquires

  • Rating


  • Are there any comments you would like to make on your general overall impression of the site?

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