Persons in Attendance

Agency Information

  • What Industry does your business operate in?

  • What year did your business Commence Trading?

  • How many Employees does your business have?

  • Has the number of Employees changed in the last 3-years?

Business Outlook

  • Does your business have an up to date Business Plan

  • If yes, when was it last reveiwed?

Key Carriers

  • Does your business have a specific Health and Safety Policy?

  • If yes, when was it last updated?

  • Does your business handle or process any type of Data?

  • If yes, are you registered with the ICO?

  • Do you have a Data Protection Policy and Procedure Manual within your business?

  • Has your business obtained a Food and Hygiene Certificate?

  • Does your business have a Security policy?

  • Does our business need any of the following Agreements:

Specialties- Business Targets

  • Does your company have a Business Bank Account?

  • If yes, do you pay Bank Charges?

  • Does your business have a Budget and Forecast plan?

  • If yes, when was the last time the costs reviewed?

  • Do your business have a Chip and Pin Machine?

  • If yes, when was the costs last reveiwed?

  • Which of the following Business Insurances do you currently have for your business

  • Do you ever review your Insurances?

  • If yes, when was the last time they were reviewed?

Financial Management:

  • What Accountancy Software do you use?

  • Does your business have or use a Bookkeeper?

  • If yes, how often are they completed?

  • Is your business VAT registered?

  • If yes, who completes the VAT Returns?

  • Do You have a separate Bank Account for the VAT?

  • How often does your business review Business Performance?

  • Who files your Annual Accounts?

  • If you were to change Accountants what would be the reason?

Marketing Your Business

  • Does Your Business have a Marketing Strategy?

  • If yes, when was it last reveiwed?

  • Does your business have a Marketing Plan?

  • If yes, when was it last reviewed?

  • Does your business have a Website?

  • If yes, would you know what your Google ranking is?

  • Have You ever utilised Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

  • If yes, when was this completed?

  • Did You use a specialist for Your SEO?

  • How often is it updated?

  • What Marketing Vehicles does your business utilise?

  • How often does your business carryout Marketing?

  • Does your business have a Marketing Budget?

  • If yes, what is your annual spend?

  • Does your business ever review your Marketing Success?

  • If yes, how often are the results discussed and reviewed?


  • Business Planning:

  • Business Compliance:

  • Costs to Your Business:

  • Financial Management:

  • Marketing Your Business:

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