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Construction Site Assessment Checlist

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  • Are all exits currently providing free and unobstructed egress?

  • Are medical emergency response teams able to access the work site freely and without obstruction?

  • Are exit/entrance doors at the work site closed and latched?

Fire Safety [AHC, BHC, CAH, HAP, LAB, NCC, OBS]

  • Are fire alarm pull stations working, or been replaced with a temporary or equivalent system?

  • Is the temporary fire alarm system or suppression system inspected monthly?

  • Are all contractor fire extinguishers fully charged, tagged with current year, and inspected/initialed each month?

  • Are all the construction partitions smoke tight or noncombustible from ceiling to floor?

  • Are hot work permits issued for all hot work?

  • Is smoking being kept away the work site?

  • Are combustible/flammable liquids stored in appropriate cabinets?

  • Is the number of sets of oxygen/acetylene cylinders stored on the work site limited to one?

  • Are unnecessary electrical items turned off at the end of the work shift?

  • Are contractors using appropriate storage and housekeeping practices to control combustible loading at the work site?

Infection Control and Containment [AHC, BHC, CAH, HAP, LAB, NCC, OBS]

  • Is the HVAC system effectively utilizing negative pressure?

  • Are HVAC filters cleaned, maintained, and/or replaced as appropriate?

  • Are clean and dirty anterooms being used as intended?

  • Are sources of return ventilation sealed?

  • Is the work site free of standing water?

Access and Signage [AHC, BHC, CAH, HAP, LAB, NCC, OBS]

  • Are appropriate signs posted to restrict unauthorized entry to the work site?

  • Are appropriate warning signs posted in the work site?

  • Are workers using appropriate identification badges to access the work site?

  • Are debris/trash carts covered when leaving the work site?

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