Air Conditioning Commissioning Checklist


Are engineering drawings, calculations, specifications, datasheets, performance curves, and diagrams provided and complete?

Are all Supplier/Vendor documentation including installation, start-up, and operation and maintenance manuals provided and complete?

Are all design drawings certified "as-built"?

Are the packaged A/C units (including Filters, Fans, Ductwork attachments and accessories, Piping attachments and accessories, and electric coils) installed in accordance with design documents?

Are the A/C units clean and all debris and foreign matter are removed?

Are any of the A/C units and components damaged?

Does the builder and layout sketch require appropriate clearances for operation and maintenance?

Do all nameplate information and machinery markings conform to the design specifications/accredited vendor records?

Are spare parts provided in accordance with the design and vendor's documents? Are spare parts original and the same as the parts they are to replace?

Are all security systems and equipment in the location and operational, as per the design papers?

Is the air conditioning system's testing, adjustment, and balance (TAB) finished in compliance with the design documentation specifications?


Additional Comments

Witnessed by:
Supplier Name & Signature
Installer Name & Signature