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  • TRASH - Is all trash is picked up and disposed of in proper container?

  • FLOOR - is all material (wood & steel) up off the floor?

  • DUNNAGE - Is all dunnage and dunnage scraps stored or disposed of in their proper place?

  • SWEEP - Is all loose material (dirt, dust, and dried paint) swept up and disposed of in its proper place?

  • TOOLS - Are all tools cleaned and stored in their proper place? (This includes brooms)

  • HOSES & CORDS - Are all hoses and cords rolled up and hung in the proper place?

  • GUNS - Are all paint guns disassembled and stored in xylene?

  • BARRELS - Are all paint barrels in their proper place?

  • EMPTIES - Are all empty barrels and cans disposed of properly?

  • POLICE - Are all areas immediately around the paint shop policed for dunnage and trash.

  • TRASH CANS - Are all six trash cans emptied?

  • PUMPS - Are all filters inspected or replaced, and are all pumps cleaned of paint residue?

  • YARD - Is the outside yard area free of trash, dunnage, and improperly stored material?

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