• Audit Title

  • Site Name

  • Conducted on

  • Auditor

  • Location
  • Site EHS Manager

Applicable Standards

  • Select those standards that apply.

Documents Reviewed

  • Written Program

  • Contractor Orientation / Training Program

  • Training Records

  • Contractor Qualification Process

  • End of Job EHS&S Performance Reviews

  • List other site specific documents reviewed:

Program Execution

  • Is there an IOSS program leader on site?

  • Does the site use ISNet for the contractor qualification process?

  • What process does the site use to conduct pre-qualification of contractors?

  • Is the site using a systematic decision making process conducted by a multidisciplinary team to classify all contractors as high, moderate or low risk?

  • Does the site have a systematic process in place to review, analyze and implement controls for the aspects/impacts and/or hazards/risks that the contractors bring on site?

  • Does the site use a checklist or other tool to identify the different EHS hazards, risks they will need to take into consideration during job execution?

  • Is there a systematic "End of Job" or "Annual" evaluation" by the J&J contract owner?

  • Notes on site specific practices relative to program execution:


  • What is the frequency of training of contractors?

  • Does the training program cover the required program elements?

  • Is training provided to Project Managers on the contractor Safety program?

Employee Discussions

  • Discussions were held with the following groups or employees on site. List number of people when applicable.

Plant Tour

  • Were any contractor operations / tasks / active contractor projects observed on site?

  • Was the correct PPE specified for the task?

  • Was the specified PPE being worn?

  • Had an appropriate risk assessment been completed for the activities observed?

  • Were all control measures expected to be in place for the activities observed being followed?

  • Notes on site specific practices related to

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