• Audit Title

  • Site Name

  • Conducted on

  • Auditor

  • Location
  • Site EHS Manager

Applicable Standards

  • Select those standards that apply.

Documents Reviewed

  • Written Program

  • IH Risk Assessments / Reports

  • Sound Level Surveys

  • Dosimetry Reports

  • Hearing Conservation Surveillance Records

  • Training Program

  • Training Records

  • List of Personnel in Hearing Conservation Program

Program Execution

  • Is there an IOSS program leader on site?

  • How many people are in the Hearing Conservation Program?

  • Does the site have a noise map?

  • Is personal dosimetry conducted when sound levels are greater than 82dBA?

  • Are personal dosimetry results communicated to sampled employees?


  • What is the frequency of training?

  • Does the training program cover the required program elements?

Medical Evaluation

  • Is the list of participants in the GOH hearing conservation medical surveillance program aligned with the list of employees who work in high noise areas?

  • What is the system for notifying those in the hearing conservation program when they are due for medical surveillance?

  • Are potential cases of noise induced hearing loss investigated and documented?

Employee Discussions

  • Discussions were held with the following groups or employees on site. List number of people when applicable.

Plant Tour

  • Was hearing protection observed being used in posted high noise areas?

  • Was hearing protection being properly worn?

  • Was hearing protection available at the entrances to high noise areas?

  • Were all areas with the potential to be high noise identified in the site noise map?

  • Was signage posted for high noise areas?

  • Was the posted signage clear?

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