Document No : AO-PDTL Site Sign Off Document (Rev- 1- 09/17)

1. Part 1-Trunking

  • A. Working in Adverse Weather, poor lighting working on the yard and completing vehicle checks.

  • B. Operating the 5 th Wheel, coupling and Uncoupling

  • C. Trailer & Set Up

  • D. Drivers duties and driving on the road risks

  • E. Using the Tug Vehicle

  • F. Approved Load Security

2. Part 2

  • A. DRSSW02 – Approved Banksman

  • B. DRSSW03 – Use of Fuel & Ad-Blue pumps

  • C. Use of Tail Lifts

  • D. Substance Misuse Policy 2015

3. Part 3

  • A. SSW PDL01 – Site Pedestrian Activity

  • B. SSW PDL02 Traffic Light Procedure Alpha and Omega

  • C. SSW PDL03 – Bay Procedure

  • D. DRSSW01 – Getting in and Out of Vehicle Cabs

4. Part 4

  • A. Driving without card

  • B. DT1 – Vehicle Safety Checks

  • C. DT2 – Daily Rest

  • D. DT3 – Driver break requirements

  • E. DT4 – Drivme Time Excess

  • F. DT5 – Weekly Rest

  • G. DT6 – Use of the mode switch

  • H. DT7 – Driver Cards and Records

  • I. DT9 – Declaration of Other Work

5. Part 5- Risk Assessments

  • A. RA-CR- 050 Bay Traffic Light System

  • B. RA-CR- 051 – Adverse Weather Conditions

  • C. RA-CR- 052 – Access and Egress to AO Fleet

  • D. RA-CR- 053 – Safe use of a banksman

  • E. RA-CR- 054 – Operating a Mega Trailer

  • F. RA-CR- 055 – Shunting in the Yard with a TUG vehicle

  • G. RA-CR- 056 – Re-fuelling vehicles

  • H. RA-CR- 057 – Securing Loads

  • I. RA-CR- 058 – Operating a Double Decker Trailer

  • J. RA-CR- 059 - Operating a Conventional Trailer

  • K. RA-CR- 060 – Coupling and Uncoupling a trailer and tractor unit

  • L. RA-CR- 061 – Operating the 5 th Wheel

  • M. RA-CR- 062 – Operating a Tail Lift

  • N. RA-CR- 063 – Yard and Vehicle Checks

  • O. RA-CR- 064 – Driver duties (Road and Yard)

  • P. RA-CR- 065 – Bay and Key Management

  • Q. RA-CR- 066 – Driver on road risk assessment

  • I confirm that I have read and understood the content in all of the listed documents above.
    I also confirm that I have been trained on the above points listed in Parts 1 to 5:

  • Trainee Name:

  • Trainee Signature:

  • Select date

  • I confirm that I have read through and trained the above on the points listed in Part 1 to 5 to
    the trainee listed above:

  • Trainer Name:

  • Trainer Signature:

  • Select date

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