APi Construction Company Daily Audit

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Do all employee's have proper gloves on for the task they are performing?

  • Are employee's wearing proper hard hats? ( Not expired. not damaged etc.)

  • Are employee's wearing proper foot wear? (Not worn out? Steel or Composite Toe?)

  • Are employees wearing proper eye protection? ( side shields? foam lined?)

  • Is hearing protection required? If so are employee's wearing hearing protection?

  • Are employee's wearing proper clothing? (Long sleeve shirts, safety vest etc.)

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  • Are all tools in good condition?

  • Are tools tethered to prevent them from dropping?

  • Are knives placed in sheaths when not in use?

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Job Safety Analysis- Daily Work Permits

  • Has the crew completed their JSA or Work Permit (client document) prior to work operations commencing?

  • Have employee's working in the area signed off on JSA or Client work permit?

  • If working in a confined space was a confined space form filled out prior to entry?

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Fall Protection

  • Are harnesses inspected prior to use?

  • Is the employee wearing a hard hat tether if working above grade?

  • Are work harnesses stored properly? ( Not in a gang box with other tools that could damage the harness)

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  • Is the work area clean and free of debris?

  • Are there garbage cans located in close proximity so waste can be disposed of properly?

  • Are walking working aisles clear and free of materials or trash?

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General Work Site Information

  • Have employees working on a man lift been trained to operate the equipment they are operating?

  • Has the daily check off sheet for the man lifts been completed prior to work activities commencing?

  • Do man lifts have the necessary fire extinguishers?

  • Have APi owned fire extinguishers been inspected for the current month?

  • Does every extension cord or tool cord have their grounding pin intact?

  • Have area's where overhead is going on been barricaded properly?

  • Are flammable, combustible or aerosol materials being stored properly when not in use?

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Training and Work Operations

  • Are apprentices being given appropriate guidance and supervision?

  • Are employee's trained properly for the tasks they are performing?

  • Is there water provided in work areas that is clean and available for employee's?

  • Workers are not showing signs of excessive fatigue?

  • Are employee's showing signs of weather fatigue (Too hot? too cold?)

  • Did you witness any IDLH conditions while conducting this audit?

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Assigned Corrective Actions

  • Corrective Action (Please include who it was assigned too completion date)

  • Corrective Action (Please include who it was assigned too completion date)

  • Corrective Action (Please include who it was assigned too completion date)


  • Signature of the Auditor

  • Signature of foreman or general foreman

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