• Monthly Revenue checked

  • Kronos updated

  • LG Budget Matrix updated with actuals

  • SI Budget Matrix updated with actuals


  • Glass cases current

  • Posters/Flyers current

  • Acrylic holders stocked

  • All flyers & signs adhere to Visual Branding Guidelines & SOP

  • Life Time Swim Table visible with current marketing materials according to SOP


  • Lane lines (in & tightened?)

  • Towels stocked

  • Water Level at acceptable range

  • Main Drain visible & in good working order

  • Pool Clarity acceptable

  • Skimmers cleaned

  • Pool floor (If vaccuum needed, select no and input problem areas)

  • Metal poles around pool (polished?)

  • Calcium on water line and deck scrubbed

  • Lights in water (on & working?)

Hot Tub

  • Water level at acceptable range

  • Main drain visible and in good working order

  • Hot tub clarity acceptable

  • Skimmers cleaned

  • Hot tub floor (If vacuumed needed, select no and input problem areas)

  • Metal poles around hot tub (polished?)

  • Calcium on water line scrubbed

  • Lights in water on & working

  • Spa steps cleaned

Indoor Pool Deck

  • Trash cans emptied

  • Pool deck (swept & mopped?)

  • Sweep under chairs

  • Sauna (glass and benches)

  • Air ducts and ceiling vents clean

  • Lights in pool area working

  • Window ledges and glass clean

  • Pool doors (glass and frames) cleaned

  • Aquatics office (sweep and mop)

  • Aquatics office glass (clean)

  • Drinking fountains clean and working

  • Chairs (organized and clean)

  • Guard chairs (cleaned or polished?)

  • Plants dusted

  • Railings around pool secure

  • Drains on deck cleaned

  • Lap swimmer equipment organized


  • Pool pump switches (clear with direct access?)

  • Emergency shut off switch for hot tub in working order

  • Slide railings in good condition

  • Slide (requires a walk through slide to determine safety)

  • Slide sign (visible?)

  • Slide lock/gate (in good working order?)

  • Backboards (in like new condition?)

  • Slide stairs in good condition

  • Slide water flow

  • Rescue tubes (in good working order?)

  • Fanny packs (fully stocked with gloves & breathing barrier?)

  • Properly stored chemicals

  • Personal Protective Equipment (in good working order & readily available?)

  • Eye Wash Station (in good working order?)

  • First Aid Kit (Fully stocked?)

Service & Delivery

  • Guard Critique Sheet filled out?

  • Staff ratio within efficiency guidelines

  • Staff know mission, brand promise, vision & department objective

  • Staff in uniform according to Style Guide

Swim Lessons

  • Printed off swim lesson roster for day

  • Islands & benches are stored, neat & organized

  • Equipment stored, neat & organized

  • Lane lines removed, rolled up & stored properly

  • Storage area neat, clean & organized

  • Activity Table materials cleaned and stored neatly & organized

Pump Room & Chemicals

  • Chemtrollers in good working order

  • Heaters in good working order

  • Flow meters in acceptable range

  • Filter pressures in acceptable range

  • Pool Temperature (between 86-88 degrees)

  • Hot Tub Temperature (103-104 degrees)

  • Liquid pH pump & lines in good working order

  • Gallons of chlorine in tank at appropriate level

  • Liquid pH barrels at acceptable level

  • # of chlorine barrels

  • pH Up (Soda Ash) fully stocked?

  • Alk Plus (Sodium Bicarbonate) fully stocked?

  • DeChlor (Sodium Thiosulfate) fully stocked?

  • Dow Flakes (Calcium Chloride) fully stocked?

  • Chemical supplies for pool tests fully stocked?

  • Cleaning Supplies stocked/filled

  • Floors/Equipment clean with direct access?

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