Store Address

Have you signed in?

Take picture of signing in book

Have you discussed the case cleaning requirements with the store representatives. This should include requirements for all stock to be removed, cabinets planned to be cleaned & safe working systems.

Have the store or are the store prepared to remove all stock from the cabinets including the shelving & brackets.

Store to sign if they are refusing to fully de-merchandise the cabinets or remove shelving

Please state here status of cabinets I.e full de merch, part de merch, shelves left in, etc

Photos of cabinets on arrival

Have the cabinets been inhibited prior to commencement?

Photo of RDM panel

Have you completed a dynamic risk assessment

Photo of dynamic Risk Assessment

Have you set up site safely with barrier protection, displayed sign boards & floor protection?

Photos of safe site set up

Have you isolated the cabinets you are about to work on?

Have you locked off & tagged out the cabinets

Provide pictures of cabinet isolator
Provide pictures of cabinet pre clean, a minimum of 5 are required

Have the kick plinths been removed

Photos of kick plinths removed

Remove debris from fans & base of cabinets

Photos of base of cabinets pre clean

Remove reachable debris from under cabinet (first 75mm)

Photos of debris removed

Bag up debris ready to remove from working area

Inspect underneath of drains, note defects and repair where possible

Please list defects on drains identified

Provide pictures of defects

The cleaning of surface drainage and P traps is a vital part of our cleaning procedures, identifying drainage issues at this juncture will/can avoid major water leaks once your clean has commenced

Insert rubber bungs

Vacuum drain outlets one by one ensuring local jelly / obstructions removed

Locate & clean dairy pumps

Pay attention to drain entry points from surface to underground drains

Remove old gel tablets

Photos of drains plugged & being cleaned pre jet washing
Photos of Honeycombs removed

Jet wash void behind honeycomb

Photo of void being jet washed

Clean honeycombs, brush & clean within base of tray

Replace honeycomb

Have base plates, back panels & baffles been removed

Pictures of cabinets with base plates, back panels & baffles removed. We appreciate this is not always possible

Clean both sides of the back panels & area behind, that the panels are fixed to.

Photos of back panels cleaned

Vacuum bases removing all excess water generated from cleaning panels & HC

Remove drain bungs

Clean ice, dust & debris from evaporators

Photos of various evaporators & tray post clean

Do not jet wash evaporator fan motors

Do not jet wash along sealed areas of the end walls and joints within case structures

Do not jet wash along mag valves / EEC coils

Effectively clean the refrigerated cabinet with sponges & soft brushes

Photos of clean cabinets

Ensure the cabinet is free from excess water

Please list details of cabinets where defective cables or wiring have been noted. Please also state if nothing to report

Ensure probes are fixed in their correct positions

Identify & list any damage to the cabinets paying attention to back plates, HC's, Dividers, wall ends and kick plates

Ensure all fixture screws are replaced where necessary

Place gel strips into the cabinet tray

Photo of gel strips in cabinets

Refrigerant leaks must be reported immediately to ASL's 24 hour service desk 0844 589 5115, vital information must be submitted, this is to include the store name, fixture ID and location of the leak. Work is not proceed on a case with a known leak until it has been repaired by an ASL engineer. Please contact your supervisor for further guidance with regards to case isolation where necessary.

With your electronic leak detector complete an effective leak check of all accessible pipe work, fittings & evaporator coils

Photo of leak checking

Notes on leak checking as required

Photos of numerous cabinets cleaned before all panels, back plates & baffles are replaced

The next stages are the processes in returning the cabinets to the store & completing your clean

Replace all panels excluding kick plates

Reinstate power to cabinet, remove tag out & lock off

Check fans are rotating to all fixtures and fan guards are in place

List any identified defective fans. Cabinet location & position within the cabinet

Photos of defective fans

Replace base plates regardless of whether store have cleaned them or not. Failure to do so may result in damage to exposed pipe work.

Did the store clean the base plates

Photos of base plates when placed in cabinets

Does time allow you to clean base plates on behalf of the store

Ensure cabinets are back on line

Photo of RDM on completion

Re-address as required

List any comms issues or problems with reinstating the cabinets. Please also state if you have no know issues

Multiple pictures of cabinets on completion, minimum of 8

Leaving your area safe, clean and tidy ensures you have not left your area in a high risk condition and that it is safe for others to enter into.

Ensure work area remains in a safe, clean and tidy condition

All excess water has been removed from floor area

Remove all waste from floor areas

Photo of safe floor area

Ensure no further water leaks from underneath of cabinets

Replace & screw back kick plates

Photo of secured kick plinths

Any additional notes that require submitting to support your clean, for example working conditions, excessive hours on freezers, etc. This is good information to justify any late hand backs or under delivered cabinet numbers. Please also advise if nothing to report.

Check sliding doors are functioning correctly, check tracks, retainers, fixings, rollers, air strings, slow close mechanisms & frames

List any defects identified

Photos of defects

Check hinged doors are operating correctly, check hinge , hinge plate, retainers, fixings, handles, slow close mechanism & frame

List any defects identified

Photos of defects

Do you have any near misses to report? If yes please submit the incident to

Are the store satisfied with the cleaning standard?

Are the store satisfied with the service they have received?

Stores comments

Store representatives signature
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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.