Site Survey

Fall Protection

  • Workers exposed to fall hazards greater than 6'

  • Workers exposed to open floor holes greater than 2"?

  • Missing or inadequate handrails?

  • Toe Boards and/or netting utilized where needed?

  • Lack of inspection resulting in use of unsafe or damaged harness, lanyard, etc.?

  • Lack of training evidenced by improper use of fall protection equipment?

  • Use of inadequate anchor points?

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  • Unsafe or incomplete scaffold?

  • Lack of documented inspection?

  • Proper scissors/boom lift usage (Gates closed, no standing on rails, tied off, etc.)

  • Incompatible scaffold components used?

  • Overloaded scaffold?

  • Lack of safe access?

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Motorized/moving equipment

  • Seatbelts utilized?

  • Working backup alarms?

  • Working Horns?

  • Cab glass intact, clean?

  • Mechanical defects or fuel/hydro leaks?

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Ladders and Stairs

  • Unsafe or Damaged ladders/stairs in use?

  • Unsafe positioning of ladders?

  • Ladder not properly secured?

  • Ladder unsuitable for the job?

  • Ladder/stairs used improperly (standing on top, straddeling, using stairs w/o infill, etc.)

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Trenching and Excavation

  • Miss Utility - Valid ticket and safe work practices followed?

  • Evidence of cave in hazard/water accumulation?

  • Spoil held back 2' or more from edge?

  • Competent person on site?

  • Excavations 5' or more protected agains cave in by sloping, benching, or shielding?

  • Excavation 4' or more provided with safe access by ramps/ladders?

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Permit Required Confined Spaces

  • Adequate emergency planning? (rescue/retreval system used, first aid/CPR provider on site, rescue plan reviewed with participants?)

  • Confined spaces evaluated for potential hazards?

  • Competent person on site?

  • Air testing equipment functional & calibrated?

  • Confined space entry permit completed and up to date?

  • Safe access provided (including fall protection if needed?

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Cranes and Rigging

  • Unsafe or damaged crane in use?

  • Loads unnecessarily lifted over persons, close to obstacles, overhead powerlines, etc.

  • Testing and inspection up to date?

  • Unsafe or damaged rigging equipment or techniques used

  • Certified crane operators and riggers utilized?

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  • Lack of GFCI protection?

  • Overloaded outlets?

  • Lifting/carrying tools by cords?

  • Unsafe electrical cords?

  • Unsafe temporary wiring (including improper extension cord placement?)

  • Breaker boxes adequate, circuits labeled?

  • Temporary lighting adequate?

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Housekeeping, Site Conditions, and Sanitation

  • Slip/Trip/fall hazards?

  • Exposed rebar, concrete form pins, or other impalement hazards?

  • Toilet facilities adequate, serviced and stocked?

  • Overall housekeeping/ job site clenliness: (min 0, max 14)

  • Comments:

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Tools and Equipment

  • Unsafe or damaged tools/equipment in use or available?

  • Trained/certified operators (Hilti, forklift, boom lift, etc.)?

  • Impropper tools/equipment for the job?

  • Lack of safe work instructions/supervision?

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Environmental Compliance

  • Dust, mud, or trash migrating beyond site boundaries?

  • SWPP measures adequate?

  • Fuel storage containment adequate?

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  • Safe storage of fuels/chemicals?

  • Adequate PPE in use for the chemical?

  • Adequate ventilation utilized?

  • Proper containers utilized?

  • All containers labled?

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  • Note: MSDS/SDS and emergency action plans are evaluated in the administrative section.

Fire & Emergency Planning

  • Adequate fire extinguishers placed on site?

  • Adequate first aid/CPR trained staff on site?

  • First aid kits adequatly stocked?

  • Comments:

Traffic Control

  • Traffic control plan being followed?

  • Signs, drums, cones properly maintained according to plan?

  • Certified flaggers utilized?

  • Approved flagging methods utilized?

  • Comments:

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Required PPE Utilization

  • Clothing: work boots, T-shirt, long pants (min 0 max 19)

  • Hard hat (min 0 max 19)

  • Safety Glasses (min 0 max 19)

  • High Viz Clothing (if required, min 0 max 18)

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Safety Program Administration

  • Language translators provided by subcontractors if needed?

  • Subcontractor employee supervision adequate?

  • Subcontractor HazCom and safety plans submitted?

  • Hospital/Clinic directions posted?

  • Required OSHA/VOSH/DOL posters posted?

  • Subcontractor toolbox talks submitted and up to date?

  • Subcontractor drug free workplace documentation submitted and up to date?

  • Safety Orientations up to date?

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Liability, Public Safety, and General Liability Concerns:

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Corrective Actions

  • Enter any corrective actions that will be undertaken

Sign Off

  • On site representative

  • Auditor's signature

Subjective Assessment:

  • Evaluators opinion of overall site safety compliance (1-500) possible):

  • Have all previously identified deficiencies been corrected?

  • Comments:

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  • At this time, there are NO major issues that require management intervention.

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