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  • Front of home and entry way/door clean.

  •  Remove trash and have it dumped elsewhere if need be

  •  Check for key in lock box


  • Check all entry lights interior and exterior. Leave exterior on for arrival.

  •  Enter Door code and check that it works.


  •  QR information stand should be present on counter and clean.

  •  Carpets clean?

  •  Remove any cobwebs or visible dust on fixtures and furniture.

  •  interior paint looks good?

  •  Check furniture condition.

  •  Check light bulbs and replace as needed


  •  Check phone line. If home does not have phone indicate wifi.

  •  Check Wi-Fi connection and make sure you can connect to a website

  •  Check TV and remotes. Make sure all remotes work and all TV’s power on properly


  •  Make sure filters look decent and note filter sizes. Should be replaced every month

  •  Check return vents and dust if necessary

  •  Make sure temperature is set for 74°


  •  Check cups, dishes and utensils. Should be clean and enough for amount home sleeps.

  •  Check the frying pans, pots and kitchen appliances. Report any items needing replaced.

  • Check that the sink has hot water.

  • Garbage disposal working?

  •  Check refrigerator, freezer and cupboards to ensure they are free of food


  •  Soaps, toilet paper and strips present in each bathroom.

  • Total bath towels in home. (Each bathroom 4 towels)

  • Total hand towels in home. (Each bathroom 2 hand towels)

  • Total washcloths in home. (Each bathroom 4 washcloths)

  •  Ensure there is at least one plunger and hairdryer in the home


  •  Check bed linens. Each bedroom should have 2 sets of bed linens

  •  Check the comforters. Are they in good condition

  •  Check to make sure lights and fans work.

  •  Check underneath beds to ensure they are free of garbage or any items left by guest


  •  Throw away pool toys

  •  Report any grills that do not belong. Place out of the way and report for pickup

  •  Make sure deck area is clean and free of cobwebs

  •  Make sure home has a pool fence and/or door alarm and are in operating condition

  •  Check for torn pool screens

  •  Pool heater temp reading (take pic)


  •  Note general condition of game tables

  • All electric games working and parts present?


  •  Make sure washer and dryer hoses are connected

  •  Make sure dryer lint screen is cleaned

  •  Ensure there is a mop, bucket, broom, dustpan, vacuum cleaner, iron and ironing board

Additional Safety:

  • Make sure slider and all exterior doors are locked upon exiting.

  •  Make sure there is one fire extinguisher on each floor and there is visible signage notifying

  • Report any smoke detectors beeping or not installed correctly.

Notes for Office:

  • Maintenance Needed: Include pics and description/location

  • Housekeeping Notes: Pics and description/location

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