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  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Secured in a clearly marked ASEP Summer Camp Program 2022 Box

  • Children's Files

  • Financial Records

  • Ledger Cards

  • Accident Reports

  • Medication Report Log- Authorization & Permission

  • Sign In / Sign Out Sheets

  • Permission Slips

  • Fire Drill Report /Log

  • Summer Tax Letters- copy for file, copy emailed to Program Assistant/Specialist

These items are to be reviewed by the Program Assistant/Specialist assigned to your site.

  • August Reports- reviewed in Google Docs

  • CCRI attendance completed in NC Fast

  • CCRI attendance for out-of-county students has been completed and sent to the county for payment.

  • Delinquent accounts report, attach a copy of the final delinquent account letter and a copy of the ledger card

  • Number of ASEP Summer Camp Staff

  • The number of ASEP Summer Camp Counselor evaluations received.

  • The number of ASEP Summer Camp Assistant Counselor evaluations received.

  • The number of ASEP Bus Driver evaluations received.

Check off when completed; give a copy to your summer Program Assistant or Specialist

  • Returned personnel files to ASEP summer camp staff on their last day of summer employment

  • All supplies and equipment are properly stored.

  • Returned all borrowed items, including walkie-talkies to the appropriate persons.

  • All areas used by the summer program are clean and left in an orderly manner. Trash baskets are emptied, dry erase and chalkboards cleaned, spills cleaned up (including paint spills). Desk and tables are back in their original places, all projects given to children to take home or properly disposed.

  • If you removed items from your summer area, be sure to return them to the room on the last day of summer programming after the children have left for the day.

  • Summer directors are required to complete accurate delinquent accounts reports in Google. Attach copies of the delinquent account letter and the child’s ledger card to this report. If the site has no delinquent accounts, type none and enter zero for the amount due.

  • Summer camp directors, along with staff, have checked the areas used by the summer program to make sure the site is left in an acceptable manner. Games and materials are not left in a pile. Materials used during the summer have been placed in storage boxes, cabinets, or in other appropriate storage areas.

  • Summer Camp Director notified the central office of any items damaged or destroyed. The item has been repaired or replaced.

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