• 1.1 is the minimum number of staff available at handover?

  • 1.2 Are all the control positions manned properly?

  • 1.3 Are all the control positions manned during their published opening times with properly rated controllers?

  • 1.4 Have the assigned controllers for the positions been given adequate training for the equipment?

  • 1.5 Are the controllers Ratings / licenses valid?

  • 1.6 Have the controllers working had adequate breaks?

Working practices

  • Was English language used in all R/t Transmissions, coordination and operational telephone calls?

  • 1.7 Have any bad practices been developed amongst controllers which are safety hazards or might lead to safety hazards?. Not following standard procedures, using shortcuts etc)

  • 1.7.1 Were any Operational staff using Mobile phones in the ops room?

  • 1.7.2 Were any Operational Staff reading newspapers/books/electronic readers etc in the Ops room?

  • 1.7.3 Were any operational staff listening to music /watching media in the OPs room?

  • 1.7.4 Was all internal coordination done by telephone?

  • 1.7.5 Was there food or drink in the ops room?


  • 2.1 Are proper procedures adhered to for strip marking /management?

  • 2.2 Are proper procedures available/ for taking over / handing over watches?

  • 2.3 Are proper procedures used for co-ordination ?

  • 2.4 Are strips, recordings ( audio, video) retained for at least 30 days?

  • 2.5 Is the Met information promptly supplied?

  • 2.6 Have any previous recommendations issued by GCAA/ SRLG been implemented?

  • 2.7 Have any random checks been conducted to check ATCO phraseology? Show evidence

  • 2.8 Have any random checks been made on ATCO s to see if they are following standard procedures/strip marking etc?

  • 2.9 Have serviceability checks been recorded?


  • 3.0 Are the following updated documents available?

  • 3.0.1 Doc 4444

  • 3.0.2 AIPs

  • 3.0.3 Up to date DMATS?

  • 3.0.4 aerodrome emergency plan?

  • 3.0.5 Emergency checklist?

  • 3.0.6 Up-to-date charts?

  • 3.0.7 Relevant NOTAMS?

  • 3.0.8 Doc 7910 Location indicators?

  • 3.0.9 Doc8643 Aircraft type designators?

  • 3.0.10 Doc 8585 Aircraft Operating Agencies?

SIs / TIs

  • 4.1 have all ATCOs signed off as having read and understood and will comply with the latest SIs

  • 4.2 have all ATCOs signed off as having read and understood and will comply with the latest TOIs?

  • 4.3 Are operational bulletins available to all ATCOs?

  • 4.3 Have all ATCOs signed off as having read, understood and will comply with the latest Operational Bulletin?

Use of Designators

  • Does the Arrivals Radar Controller use call sign "Arrivals" on first contact?

  • Does the Departures Radar Controller use call sign "Departures" on first contact?

  • Does Director use " Director" on 1st contact?

  • Does Radar Controller use "Radar" on first contact?

  • Does Radar controller use ' Radar' on first contact?


  • Is there a Supervisor available to actively monitor the watch?

  • If the Supervisor required to leave the tower or plug-in, is there a suitable replacement to assume the responsibilities?

  • Do ATCOs announce identity on all telephone calls?

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