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MT6020 Preventative Maintenance Audit

  • Do all MT6020 Haul trucks have a completed HVRA and commissioning sheet.

  • Is there a structured Preventative Maintenance Program in place?

  • Do all unit have set PM (Preventitive Maintenance) intervals set as per OEM recommendations?

  • Are all the PM's complied with according to the recommendations made by the manufacturer?

  • Are paper copies available for review from the previous year?


  • Do the PM's contain emissions test

  • If "Yes" do the emissions tests pass the NWT Standards?

  • Are paper copies available from the previous year?

Fire Suppression

  • Do the PM's have set inspection intervals for the Fire Suppression System?

  • Are the Fire Suppression inspection intervals compliant with the NWT Mines Act and Reg's

  • Are the Fire Suppression systems of the OEM recommended type and meet the standard as set out?

  • Are all paper copies available from the previous year

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