• Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by: Vince Plank, CSP

  • 6324 W. Stoner Drive Greenfield, IN 46140


  • General orderliness and cleanliness

  • Disposal of trash

  • Material stored properly

  • Trip hazards are removed from aisle(s)

  • Slip hazards (mud, snow, ice, etc.) have been removed

Fire Protection/Prevention

  • Flammable liquids stored properly

  • Compressed gas cylinders stored properly

  • Fire extinguisher locations are clearly marked

  • Fire extinguishers are not obstructed

  • Monthly fire extinguisher inspection is current

  • Annual fire extinguisher certification is current

Hazard Communication

  • Original and workplace chemicals containers are labeled properly

  • Spill kit contents are sufficient/full


  • GFCI's are utilized in wet area(s)

  • Extension cords are used temporarily (not permanently used)

  • Insulation on flexible cords is intact

  • Power tools are double insulated or grounded (ground pin present)

Machine Guarding

  • Pedestal grinder guards compliant (work rest 1/8", tongue guard 1/4")

  • Machinery is anchored to prevent vibratory walking

  • Saw guards a compliant

  • Compressed air hose(s) are secure

  • Compressed air cleaning tools meet 30psi requirement

  • Compressed air is not used to clean personnel

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Appropriate safety glasses are worn (no street/Rx glasses)

  • Hearing protection is worn (ear buds with music is not hearing protection)

  • Safety boots are worn (no tennis shoes)

  • Personnel are protected from flying hazards (welding, cutting)

  • Personnel are protected from UV/IR hazards from cutting and welding

  • Task specific PPE is worn (i.e. respiratory, etc.)

Equipment Inspections

  • Frequent (Daily) Crane Inspection

  • Periodic (Monthly) Crane Inspection

  • Daily Forklift Inspection

Other Safety Observations

  • Other safety observations / Comments


  • Score Outstanding (95-100%) Above Average (90-95%) Average (70-90%) Below Average (<70%)

Foreman Review

  • Signature of Foreman:

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