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  • Site conducted

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  • Location

Audit AES Barcelona

  • Check List reference ATO.CM.003 Contracted activities 2018

  • Audit Date

MCC Simulators

  • EASA Reference ORA.GEN 205

  • ATO Reference OMM 1.2.16/TRM 2.1


  • Contracted organisation has the necessary authorisation or approval required and commands the ressources and competence to undertake the task?

  • Is service provided conform to (Part ORA/ATO/FCL) requirements?

  • Which section is missing or non compliant?

  • undefined

  • Is scope of service conform with scope of training?

  • Is contracted activity grant access to EASA?

  • Is there a written agreement signed between both parties?

  • If the contracted organisation is itself certified to carry out the contracted activity, check that the approval effectively covers the contracted activities and that it is still valid


  • EASA reference AMC1 ORA.GEN 215(a)

  • ATO references OMM 1.2.16

  • Is there adequate briefing rooms (size and number)?

  • Is there a suitable office to allow Flight instructors to write report on students and complete records?

  • Is there a furnished crew room for instructors and students?

Training FSTD

  • EASA Reference ORA.ATO.135

  • ATO Reference OMM 1.2.16 & OM 2.2 & TRM1.4.3 + ATC CMM Email in CMS folder

  • Are Specification in adequacy between the FSTD and the related training programme

  • Are FSTDs use complied with the relevant requirements of Part-FCL

  • Is there a system to adequately monitor changes to the FSTD in place and to ensure that those changes do not affect the adequacy of the training programme

  • Is the Sim fitted with a MEL?

  • In case of Sim failure, is there a procedure to get the problem fixed in a defined time frame?

Audit outcome

  • Findings

  • Root cause Analysis

  • Corrective Action Plan (CAP)

  • Responsible for CAP

  • Due Date

Safety Assessment

  • Is Safety impacted?

  • Safety Event raised?

  • Safety Event Reference

Audit Performance and completion

  • Has the audit been conducted on time?

  • Date:

  • Audit performed by:

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