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  • Check list Ref : ATO.CM.003 Organisation 2018

  • Audit date :

Size and complexity

Non complex organisation

  • EASA Reference ORA.GEN 200(b) & AMC1 ORA.GEN 200(b)

  • ATO Reference OMM 1.2.19/2.3

  • Is organisation still classified as a non complex organisation

Post holders' Qualifications

  • EASA Reference ORA.GEN.210 (c)

  • ATO Reference Man power analysis (Excel data file)

  • Do Post Holders' Qualifications match EASA regulations and ATO Manuals?

  • Does the organisation have the appropriate ressource in term of man power?

Instructors Qualifications

  • EASA Reference ORA.ATO 100 (c) (e) (f)

  • ATO Reference TRM 1.4 to be transferred in OMM

  • Is the required number of Instructors met?

  • Do the instructors meet minimum required qualifications?

Record of Qualifications

  • EASA Reference ORA.GEN 2220 & AMC1 ORA.GEN 220(b)

  • ATO Reference TRM 1.6 / OMM 1.2.18/ OMM

  • Does the organisation has a Record Keeping policy

  • Does the organisation record Students files?

Students records

  • Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 19.42.59.png
  • Is student contract signed in the file?

  • Is Personal DATA form ATO.SPD.001 in the file?

  • Is Student EASA Assessment Form EASA.ATO.SAF in the file ?

  • Is Student EASA training Form ATO.STR.001 in the file?

  • Is Passport Copy in the file?

  • Are licences and Medical in the file (when required)?

  • Does the organisation record instructors files?

Instructors Records

  • Has TKI been supervised during the year ?

  • Is supervision scheduled prior TKI delivers his/her course?

  • Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 19.19.52.png
  • Is resume/CV in the file?

  • Is Acceptance form ATO.IAF.001 in the file?

  • Is Instructor selection Process ATO.ISP.001 in the file?

  • Is ATO.MSS.001 Signed in the file?

  • Is Employment Contract signed in the file?

  • Are copies of Licences and Medical (if applicable) in the file?

  • Does the organisation record Post holders files?


Structure & content

  • EASA Reference ORA GEN.200 (a) 5 AMC1ORA GEN.200 (a) 5

  • ATO Reference OMM preamble/ OMM 1.2.1/ OMM 1.2.2/ OMM 1.2.3

  • Does OMM displays a statement from AM untable manager to confirm that the organisation will continuously work in accordance with the applicable requirements

  • Is scope of activitivies described?

  • Are nominated persons referred?

  • Is organisation chart described?

  • Is a genral description of facilities described?

  • Are procedures specifying how the organisation ensures compliance with the applicable requirements described?

  • Is a Process to amend documentation described and applied?


  • Does OM and TRM exist and content met ?

  • Documentation

  • Does OM and TRM OM available for staff?

  • Does OM describe flight time limitations?


Change to Organisation

  • EASA Reference ORA.GEN 130 / GM1 ORA.GEN.130

  • ATO Reference OMM 1.2.5 / 1.2.6 ATO.NCO.001 / OM 4.3 CMS training Course

  • Is Application for an organisation certificate described? How to appply ?

Notification of change

  • Is a Process defined to apply for a change when prior approval not required

  • Is a Safety Assessment applied

  • Is a process defined for a change requiring a prior approval described ?

  • Are ATO's Staff informed about change requiring prior approval?

  • Is a Change requiring prior approval defined ?


Notification of findings by EASA

  • EASA Reference ORA.GEN.150

  • ATO Reference OMMOMM 2.6.4/ OMM 2.6.5

  • Is an Identification of the root cause of non-Compliance in place?

  • Is a corrective action plan procedure defined?

  • Is a Recurrence mitigation plan (RCA) in force?

  • Demonstrate corrective action plan identification within the agreed period

Immediate reaction to safety problem

  • EASA Reference ORA.GEN.155

  • ATO Reference OMM 1.2.13

  • Does ATO describe how to take into account EASA safety recommandation?

  • Does AM provides all required means to apply these recommandations?

  • AAA not really exposed to direct Aerial risk

Audit outcome

  • Findings

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Corrective action Plan (CAP)

  • Responsible for CAP

  • Due date

Safety Assessment

  • Is safety impacted?

  • Ia a Safety Event raised?

  • Safety Event reference?

Audit performance completion

  • Has the audit been conducted on time?

  • What is the Root cause analysis?

  • Are more ressources required?

  • Is AM informed?

  • Date

  • Audit performed by:

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